Bookmobile van goes missing

…As in it got stolen!! Here’s Courtney Dailey‘s email about the theft of the Bookmobile/Mobilivre van. Keep your eyes peeled!


The missing van

The bookmobile van got stolen sometime between 10pm Monday night and 7.30am
Tuesday…It was on 49th street, just north of Baltimore Ave. in West Philly.
It is gigantic, white, and says “projet MOBILIVRE BOOKMOBILE project” on the side in 10″ high gray vinyl letters. Pretty hard to miss…Any sightings/ideas, please email courtney at

The van is used for a non-profit bookmobile project and we need it back!

[Note: We at artblog love the little airstream bookmobile and have covered its doings several times, most recently in this post. We’re very sad to hear this news about the van which, we think, pulls the trailer that houses the books.]


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