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Miami heat beat


December 1, 2009   ·   4 Comments

Fasten your seat belts, we’ve assigned ourselves to cover the Miami art fairs beat.  We’ll be there with Andrea Kirsh and if you’re down there come see us at the artblogger’s panel at Art Miami on Saturday, 11-2 pm, Art Miami Lecture Hall.  We’ll be on the panel with a bunch of other artbloggers like Joanne Mattera, Hrag Vartanian, Paddy Johnson, Sharon Butler and Thomas Hollingworth.


Among topics under discussion will be whether bloggers —  in the more democratic arena of cyberspace — have changed the relationship between critic and reader, or critic and artist.

4 Responses to “Miami heat beat”

  1. MATTHEW ROSE says:

    The Internets have opened the floodgates for unmitigated coverage, reporting, criticism, image-snapping, artist-sniping and gossip in the art world. Artists can play critics, and vis-a-versa, promoting, cajoling, leaning and weaning each other, and of course beating each other up with the endless supply of web real estate to bomb throw on. Question is beyond whether it has changed the relationships involved – I believe, yes, it has – is whether Internet ink has altered perception, the market, and creation. Probably yes. Now, what?

  2. Man, I wish you guys tweeted.

  3. Rob says:

    They do Tweet..well, they post stuff announcing new posts on here. Maybe they’ll roll it out more this week:

  4. Miami? As I wish you well on your trip, I send jealous thoughts from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. :-)

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