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Pearl Paint going-out-of-business sale


January 8, 2010   ·   30 Comments

Hot off Facebook–my nephew Shawn posted that Philly’s Pearl Paint is having a 50 percent off going out of business sale. Damn. It was the best place for quirky supplies–the Loehmann’s of artists suppliers.

30 Responses to “Pearl Paint going-out-of-business sale”

  1. Sorry to hear that. For a moment, when I’d just seen the post title, I thought…NO! Perhaps they’re all going out of biz. Glad that’s not the case. (I shop at Pearl in Ft. Lauderdale, FL when stateside….it is my source for supplies, since I live in the Caribbean.) But in the event, there’s always Blick Art for online shopping.

  2. Bobby G says:

    Wha Wha Whattttt??????? Man South St. is really hurting.

  3. libby says:

    I guess I’m sad not just for South Street, but because feeling and eyeballing stuff is different from seeing it online. Unless you’re buying a standard product, that loss of sensory input seems important. And, yeah, Bobby, South Street is taking another hit. I was just thinking about your video at Exclamation! My son was just telling me Mickey Rourke, playing the villain in the upcoming Ironman 2, has these energy whips coming out of his hands. Natch, you came to mind! You can probably catch it online somewhere in a trailer.

  4. claire f says:

    does anyone know when this sale ends?
    i’m home in tennessee for winter break and go to moore college of art and design so this would be great for buying supplies for next semester.
    sad to see it go, though.

  5. Cori says:

    Go to Utrecht Art Supplies when you are in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They have everything for fine artists and a really friendly and helpful staff!

  6. linda michael says:

    Does anyone know why Pearl is going out of business? I live on Long Island and they recently opened 2 new stores…anyway they have major bargains at the sale but I’m sad they will no longer be around for us.

  7. libby says:

    I am running under the assumption that it’s only Pearl in Philly that’s going out of business. Is it in general? Is the NY store closing? Are the stores in LI also going out of business? Just wanna know and pass along the info. So if you know, add on here.

  8. emily says:

    They close Jan 31st. I just got home from the 50% off sale, got a few tie dying supplies. There is not much left, but for an art junkie, I’m sure there are a lot of scores. There is a lot that is discounted even before the 50% off sale, so it’s definitely worth a look. A friend and I both had full bags and spent less than $15.00 when all was said and done. The employees seem to be quite bitter, but I can’t blame them for that.

  9. libby says:

    Is this in Philly? Just checking.

  10. Frames NY says:

    If you need frames in NYC and can’t find them at Pearl then go to NY Central Art Supply. They are very helpful and have special ordered frames for me.

  11. berth heiny says:

    So funny, Emily, I felt the same way about the cashiers when I went. I just figured since they were out of a job soon anyway they really didn’t care about being “customer friendly”. But, really, calm down cashiers…I hand you money and you put it in the cash register…we could even talk about the weather or something? You will probably find a better paying job too (I’m pretty sure cashiers make $7.50-8 an hour).

  12. libby says:

    Although this is blatant spam, Marc, I do think there are readers that will find it of use. So I’m letting it in.

  13. I live in the DC area, and both of our area stores are closing…just found out about it through the Md. Pastel Society… so sorry to see it close…

  14. libby says:

    Thanks for the additional info. Anyone know about the flagship store (Canal St.)? Is it staying in business?

  15. Bruce says:

    I understand the Atlanta Pearl is also closing at the end of the month :(

  16. libby says:

    On the website, 12 of the 18 expansion stores are having huge sales. I take t is a contraction, but not as a complete going out of business sale for those stores without megasales.

  17. Michael Andre says:

    Robert Perlmutter owner of Pearl received, I hear, a six year sentence for tax evasion. My org. has had from time to time a borrowed tax exemption, and Pearl was the least conscientious of all merchants in checking up on my current status. While Perlmutter was in prison, the company was seriously mismanaged. My information comes from a former Pearl employee. I suspect Perlmutter is now out of prison.

  18. libby says:

    Love the inside scoop, but look at you, biting the hand that fed you! Michael, you’re too funny… I’ll try to remember not to do you any shady favors. xo

  19. Joyce Becker says:

    Years ago when they I was starting out in art, I used to go to their East Meadow store, parking was bad, the store was over crowded, probably a fire hazard, especially the down stairs craft area. I loved it, they had everything and anything at terrific prices, I never enjoyed the new store as much. I now shop on-line now, easier but not as much fun wandering about the crowded isles of Pearl, those were the days!

  20. Jane says:

    I was at the store in NYC in end November and the shelves were nude. It was so sad. =( They still had a lot of cashiers in service, and they didn’t say what was going on, hopeful that shipments of supplies would come in sometime…

    Boston store is closing too. =(!

  21. Frames NY says:

    Following stores should be remaining open. Canal, Paramus, Ft. Lauerdale, and Miami. All other stores are closing.

  22. lois DiCosola says:

    i have heard today after being in the Westbury Pearl that they are not closing all the stores -only the Seldon store— but don’t know what is true right now—

  23. t. says:

    The pearl paints on Long Island are gone. Westbury closes it’s doors forever tomorrow, Tuesday (Groundhog Day). Everything, or I should say anything left is 90% off.
    Sad, sad day for artists who like myself have been shopping at Pearl for over 25 years. This economy is taking down some of the serious art institutions but I’m most sorry to see the artists who’ve worked there all lose their jobs. Peace and Good Luck to all!

  24. I live on Long Island.I spent about 25 years traveling 40 miles into Hempstead to go to Pearl Paints,maybe twice a year for supplies.They finally opened up a store in Suffolk county near me
    seven months ago.I just bought a gallon of Gesso there last month.I called yesterday and got no answer.So ,I drove over there only to find an empty store.I was in shock!It’s like getting the rug pulled out.Shopping on line won’t be as much fun,touching everything is part of the art supply buying experience.I’ll miss the place.

  25. Bookbinder says:

    I used to sell product to Perlmutter several years ago. IMO he was an asshole who deserves to go out of business. I do feel sorry for some of his workers; the ones who weren’t rude and surly

  26. David Perlmutter says:

    My Grandfather, Robert Perlmutter opened the first Pearl store in 1933 I believe. I am a business owner as well, and his success has inspired me. To all you artists out there: continue doing whatever it is that you do. Be well.

  27. libby says:

    Bookbinder, IMO there are nicer ways to say what you did without resorting to offensiveness.

  28. Aaron Olshan says:

    That really blows I have been buying from the for last fourty years….This is not good. I am sad to hear this.

  29. Jim says:

    Bob Perlmutter and Roz have the warmth, creativity and brilliance that created a great, inspiring business and a beautiful, loving family.

  30. Bridget says:

    I got turned onto and have been very satisfied with the art supplies and picture framing. They also have a 1-800-4artist order desk.

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