Diedra Krieger on artblog radio–Plastic Fantastic and the other Diedra

This episode sponsored by Art in City Hall

Diedra Krieger makes videos about her relationship to the camera, and by proxy, everyone’s relationship to the camera. She takes on the role of the eye and the subject all at once, a sort of Cindy Sherman for video. She also makes temporary public sculptures that invite people to play. In this episode she talks about that as well as about her contribution to Philadelphia Underground, the four-day Design Philadelphia event, ending today, in which eight artists project videos onto the subway concourse walls on the west side of City Hall.

Diedra Krieger at Vietnam Palace, where we interviewed her.

Below is the 25-second sample clip. And below that is the full 9-minute interview.


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      Right click to download full 9-min. Diedra Krieger podcast

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Edited by Peter Crimmins. Music by Eric Biondo. Recorded at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Thanks to the Knight Foundation for their support of this project.


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