The Photo Review annual Garden Party goes inside this year

—>Roman goes to a garden party hosted by The Photo Review, meets lots of photographers and sees their works.–the artblog editors——->

The Photo Review Annual Garden Party was held at an incredible restored church in Philadelphia’s cultural hub of Fishtown. The old Siloam Church building completed and dedicated in 1876 is now the residence and studio of photographer and host Dominic Episcopo and wife Dawn. Dominic was out on a book signing tour for the release of “Meat America” the American spirit, humor and verve told through unique photographs. But Dawn was there as hostess.

Inside Dominic and Dawn Episcopo's place, the Photo Review indoor garden party.
Inside Dominic and Dawn Episcopo’s place, the Photo Review indoor garden party.

The party was a fond welcome to the coming summer with smooth jazz, delicious food, drink, and conversation, photographers and picture portfolios. The greater purpose of this party was for photographers to present and share their portfolios to all in attendance. It also served as a learning exchange of ideas, technique and technology. Book dealers and appraisers rounded out this purposeful mix.

Susan Abrams’ “Undulation” from Abiding Ephermera was the perfect image for Photo Review’s Garden Party invitation.

The photograph, “Undulation” from Abiding Ephermera, by Susan Abrams,which adorned the invitation, said it better than any of the descriptive adjectives I could ever hope to find.

Stephen Perloff, editor of the Photo Review at the garden party
Stephen Perloff, editor of the Photo Review at the garden party

The first person that I met was photographer and Photo Review editor Stephen Perloff. It only took a few minutes to know that I was in the presence of a true gentleman. His strikingly cordial manner and masterful approach in handling interruptions allowed for an engaging conversation. He gave a thoughtful and experiential answer when ask what it is that he looks for in a photograph. The answer included subject matter, definition, coloration that includes black and white but most of all the photographer’s approach to a picture.

Dan Marcolino at his display table at the Garden Party.
Dan Marcolino at his display table at the Garden Party.

iPhone photography guru Dan Marcolina, author and creator of award-winning print, web and video work, presented dazzling portfolios of traditional, digital and iPhone photography. His iPhone pictures were sized to 16×20. Other photographs there and since then were surprised that this could be effectively done. I highly recommend that all photographers whether you’re a casual iPhone user, student or professional to explore the wealth of knowledge and experience that he provides.

Jazz ensemble at the Photo Review Garden Party
Jazz ensemble at the Photo Review Garden Party

Mark Sadan’s philosophic view is that “photography is not just about duplicating reality, it’s about finding the meaning or mystery in the image and letting the image lead you.” Mark is also rich in imagination when staging a photograph with a subtle approach to subject matter, lighting and color. This was most evident with his nude portraits. I openly complimented him for portraying a person as god intended and not just as an object included in a photograph. His work will make a perfect study for those who approach this subject.

Lother Troeller showing his book
Lother Troeller showing his book

Lothar Troeller  was simply a joy to meet. His broad smile, friendly and familiar nature steered you right into the lighter side of photography and photographs. The book “Email Love”  by Lothar and Linda Troeller is an intimate look of love that can only be realized by someone who has love for another. (Lothar committed the typical guy social sin. He didn’t introduce his wife Linda.)

Lothar’s other books include “American Temples” and “Medellin, Columbia” which provide excellent examples of nighttime photography and the colors of everyday life.

Speaking of books, Helen Stummer is the author of “No Easy Walk.”  The book attempts to answer two questions through meaningful and compassionate photography: why people are poor and what happened to Newark? “Poverty is visible for all to see but what seems to be invisible is seeing poor people as individuals; the dignity, beauty and hope that continue to live despite the desperate battle for survival.” (a quote by Antonio J. Lupinetti 2009)

Other guests included photographer Joel Simpson , Alex Novak of Contemporary Works / Vintage Works,  one of the country’s most important photography dealers and noted photography appraiser Monika Half. Also there was Sarah Van Keuren from UArts, Janice Lipzin from InVision, Diane Fischer, curator at the Allentown Art Museum, Ellen Fleurov who had been director of Silver Eye in Pittsburgh, collector Lisa Topol, pianist Martha Marchena, photographers Marti Belcher and Cynthia Matthews, critic and historian Mary Panzer, and photographer, collector, and arts patron Julie Jensen Bryan, to name a few.

–All photos, except when noted otherwise, by Roman Blazic. Roman is the second of three generations to participate in the arts: photography, songwriting, musical performance and Guest Judge at Tennessee’s Elvis on Velvet Festival. Roman is a Board Member of the Friends of Penn Treaty Park and an active supporter of the Fishtown art scene. He also contributes photographs to the local community groups and newspapers.

[Ed. note: This post has been corrected. A photo said to picture the artist Susan Abrams was inaccurate and pictured another artist. The photo has been removed. We regret the error.]


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