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Piper Brett’s art varies from exquisitely-crafted sculptural objects (like the painted-red metal bow that took up half a room in a show at Vox Populi a few years back) to work with appropriated pornography images and other found material. Her work is conceptual, and sometimes it can be difficult to confront the found pornography images in a public space like a gallery. Piper was a member of Vox Populi gallery for several years. We visited her studio on Aug. 2, 2013, to learn more about the artist and her work. Her solo show of new works, Soulmates, opened Sept. 12 and closes Oct. 26, 2013, at Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art. See Piper’s website for pictures of her work.  And see this Flickr set for images from our studio visit with Piper.

Piper Brett, at our studio visit with her in North Philly
Piper Brett, at our studio visit with her in North Philly


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