Kay Healy on artblog radio – The comfort of soft domestic environments placed in the world


Kay Healy is known for her “stuffed” wall works, printed environments that look like scenery for a play or life-size relief sculptures. The environments are domestic, with chairs, tables, a refrigerator, a sink — printed and stuffed.  The artist is from New York, and is sensitive to people’s loss of their domestic objects because of her own experience losing things.  After getting a BA in art history, she went on to an MFA in printmaking at UArts.  In our interview, she talks about her life and her influences, including Pepon Osorio, whose work convinced her that art could have a tangible effect on peoples’ lives.  Kay tells us about her Independence Foundation-funded project for the Free Library, coming up in 2014.  Right now, you can see her work at DCCA in Wilmington. That is what she is trying to do with her own work. We met Kay on Nov. 20 in her studio on Carpenter St. in South Philadelphia.

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