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Libby and Roberta find an old friend they met in 2003 whose paintings intrigued them once, and do so now as well.

Matthew Green is a New Jersey painter and graphic designer we met in 2003, our first year of blogging.  On a hot summer First Friday in Old City and he was selling his beautifully-rendered paintings of some of Philadelphia’s abandoned buildings.  The affect was pristine and forlorn, and we were astonished to see him out there hawking his wares on the street — why wasn’t he in a gallery?  Ten years later, we met Matt again and found out that now he’s selling his works online, and doing pretty well at it!  He’s never had a gallery. Matt’s subject has moved into a different territory, the New Jersey Meadowlands, in a project he calls Five Miles from Times Square. The artist canoes the wetlands to take photographs which he later translates into paintings of beauty with content about the built environment. Like many artists, Matt has a 9-5 day job and comes home after work to his house, his family and his painting.  He works on his own pieces from 9 PM – whenever.  We talked with Matt on January 20, 2014. Hear the full episode tomorrow!

Matthew Green, talking with Libby and Roberta last January.
Matthew Green, talking with Libby and Roberta last January.


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