In 2003, Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof launched the artblog with a mission to share their intimate knowledge of Philadelphia's cutting edge art, and to educate and support a community of artists, art lovers, gallerists, critics and academics. The artblog—recognized for excellence twice by Art in America—now is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides a variety of services. Working as a team of writers and support staff, the artblog today is an educational laboratory and online archive generating ideas to connect the public with art. Through artblog's work with students and emerging writers, we are mentoring the next generation of arts entrepreneurs and cultural journalists.


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Roberta Fallon makes art, writes about art and thinks about art probably too much. She’s proud to claim part ownership of THEartblog with her dear friend and long-time collaborator, Libby. As a child in Milwaukee Roberta put on puppet shows in the garage and sold popcorn for a penny and realized she loved an audience but had no head for business. Married to Steve and with three children, Oona, Max and Stella, Roberta has written about art for Philadelphia Weekly, Artnet, Art Review, Art on Paper, Philadelphia Inquirer and Art and Auction, and has taught and been a visiting critic at Tyler School of Art, St. Joseph’s University and Cranbrook Academy of Art. Read posts by Roberta»


Libby Rosof I credit my husband Murray and kids Alex and Minna for making me take popular culture seriously. As for the art, I gave it up in the 10th grade in Brooklyn. I wouldn’t have spent so many years on art or spent all my time writing artblog if not for my good buddy and long-time collaborator Roberta–it’s all her fault. I founded the award-winning publication the Penn Current at the University of Pennsylvania, and I’ve taught in public school, the Journalism Department at Temple University and at Tyler School of Art. Enough already! Read posts by Libby»

andrea kirsh

Andrea Kirsh is an art historian with broad interests and diverse experience, including curatorial work, museum administration, conservation planning, public art administration, writing and university teaching. Since 2006 she has been a regular contributor to Artblog. She has lectured in museums across the country, been active with the College Art Association, and taught graduate and undergraduate students at U. Delaware, Georgetown, and Rutgers, Camden, where she currently directs the minor in Museum Studies. She gets her mail in Philadelphia. Read posts by Andrea»

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