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Untitled (rd.13.7)

Fluid and trembling marks in living, moving drawings – Christine Hiebert at Gallery Joe

Christine Hiebert’s drawings, now on exhibit at her solo show “Space for Mark,” are deceivingly-calm monochromatic arrangements. Walking through the space at Gallery Joe, Hiebert’s drawings read as non-confrontational and quiet, but always energetic. Close examination reveals the vigor contained within every mark- some fluid and some trembling. The series of process-based drawings focuses on the variety of marks that imply specific actions; the body of work is essentially about movement. There is a subtle variation in mark and material among the works that creates a sensitive juxtaposition in texture and form. Some surfaces, such as Untitled (rdl.12.21), have been ... More » »

Diane Edison (b. 1950)
Oil on panel
14 x 11 in. (35.56 x 27.94 cm.)
Art by Women Collection, Gift of Linda Lee Alter
© Diane Edison. Courtesy of George Adams Gallery, New York.

Diane Edison talks about women, portraiture and relationships at PAFA

Diane Edison’s two arresting pastel self portraits, in the exhibition “The Female Gaze: Women Artists Making Their World,” sample from the artist’s impressively detailed and stirring portraiture. Edison, a professor of art at University of Georgia, is also an incredibly charismatic individual, as I learned from her artist’s talk February 2 at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. In the introduction to her talk, Edison‘s works were called “two of the most talked about portraits in the exhibition.” The artist’s talk was a light-hearted journey through the history and progression of her work, starting with her early painting and rich colorful ... More » »

Brewerytown Clothing Bazaar

Tieshka Smith’s Photographs – A Celebration of Brewerytown

Next City’s Storefront for Urban Innovation is currently home to a community based photo project by Philadelphia-based street photographer Tieshka Smith (to February 16). The exhibition, “Portraits of Brewerytown,” provides a thoughtful look into the North Philadelphia neighborhood and its inhabitants. Smith’s photos highlight leaders and long standing members of the community engaging in their projects and professions, giving the viewer a glimpse into the vital relationship these individuals have with their neighborhood. Her work confronts the area’s reputation as a crime and poverty-stricken neighborhood and counters this by focusing on the uniquely positive and vibrant personality of the population. ... More » »

Unraveled, Ballinglen

Joan Wadleigh Curran gives new life to the forgotten in Accumulation at Seraphin Gallery

Joan Waldeigh Curran’s exhibition Accumulation, at Seraphin Gallery until Feb. 3, 2013, showcases her unique still life compositions consisting of plant life and the discarded and overlooked object: trash. Curran’s colorful gouache paintings on black paper are composed of discarded items from three different locales: A Wyoming quarry, the coasts of Ballycastle, Ireland and the streets of Philadelphia. Curran’s paintings elevate everyday junk removed from its exterior context and arranged by the artist to create striking compositions. The work discusses the value system humans use to deem things unworthy of possession but does so without being an environmental critique. Instead, ... More » »

Conglomerate No. 3: Field

Matt Ziemke’s Cadillac Desert – a neutral take on the topic of nature and the built environment

Matt Ziemke’s Cadillac Desert at Napoleon (to Nov. 25) examines the relationship between humans and the built environment, with our greener natural counterparts. Unlike many ecologically-motivated artists, Ziemke discusses this built environment/nature juxtaposition — perhaps questions it — but does so exceedingly gently and remains surprisingly and thoughtfully neutral. Bodies of water seem to be the focus in the beautifully crafted subtle sculptures, which combine bits of what looks like disassembled geography and delicate sprawling architectural forms. In keeping with the subject matter, the works are made of earthen and manufactured materials. Of the five works that compose “Cadillac Desert,” two ... More » »

Giovanni Durante, photo courtesy of

Valerio Spada’s documentary photos at PPAC of poor young girls in crime-ridden Naples

In March of 2011, Italian photographer Valerio Spada released a self-published book entitled Gomorrah Girl. The book, which was received with immense praise and went on to become the grand prize winner of the 2011 Blurb Photobook Now competition, eloquently recounts the accidental murder of Annalisa Durante, using photographs and brief text descriptions. Annalisa, a 14-year old girl in the crime and drug ridden community of Naples, was shot in the head by a stray bullet meant for a Camorra (Mafia) mobster. The book narrates the story of Annalisa’s life and death through images of her family, neighbors and police ... More » »