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Mark Kostabi – Move to New York, you’re not getting any younger!

Mark Kostabi is well known for his accomplishments and controversies. The biggest controversy surrounding Kostabi is his ability to market paintings that he may or may not have touched. This seems overblown considering successful artists have always used studio assistants to help in the mass manufacturing of art. Kostabi’s irreverence towards the artist’s hand is by design, I suspect he is involved in the creation of his paintings to a large extent, contrary to his media persona. Cult of personality is being carefully cultivated in Kostabi’s world. Mark makes no apologies for his pursuit of fame, fortune and what it ... More » »

Scot Borofsky, The Huge International Demise of Mr. Potato Head 2007 84" x 58" Oil on Canvas

Scot Borofsky – from street art to gallery, an interview

Scot Borofsky started as a graffiti artist in the East Village (NYC) and eventually made his way into the museum and commercial gallery art world. His work can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Brooklyn Museum of Art, a rare accomplishment for a graffiti street artist. Borofsky’s art combines the depth of tradition with the uncertainty of the contemporary, linking the ages with a sacred line. The work (@Jules Goldman Books and Antiques) may appear to be simple abstractions but Borofsky is giving you the ARCHETYPE, layered. God knows what these images are doing to viewers’ ... More » »

Peter Funch, Babel Tales, Exigent State.  Photo courtesy of the artist

Peter Funch’s scenes of the hive – an interview

Peter Funch‘s photography project titled Babel Tales merges documentary photography with manipulated photography. Peter stands and waits on street corners for days on end in the same position, photographing individuals walking down the street and then merges each individual within an a concept-driven collective (the neo-collective). The individual is forced into hive consciousness, fact and fiction collide to create a clever series of photographs that smartly uses image manipulation technology.

Butch Cordora

Butch Cordora’s Absolution Lab – Pop celebrity love at Ven and Vaida

Butch Cordora, who has been in the Philly art scene for five years now, was once the host of his own cable TV talk show “In Bed with Butch” which aired for ten years. Butch now commits his time to art, specifically appropriation art. If you’re looking for something new avert your gaze because you won’t find it here, and that’s appropriate when considering appropriation art is about questioning the pursuit of the new (or what attempts to be original). Repetition is held in high esteem in appropriation art; that’s the goal.

David Huggins, The First Meeting. Scan of book page from Love In An Alien Purgatory- the art of David Huggins by Farah Yurdozu  published by  Anomalist Books

David Huggins – an uncommon life

David Huggins is a 68 year old painter who lives in Hoboken, NJ. He studied at the Art Students League in New York City, and he’s been divorced for a little under ten years, with a 27 year old son who lives in Thailand. David concentrates most of his talent on the creation of a series of testimonial paintings about his life-long experience as an alien abductee. David is not on any medications nor has he been institutionalized at any time in his life.  He says he’s never had an illness a day in his life, not even a cold!? ... More » »

JD Dragan, The Truth...

The black male image – an interview with JD Dragan about his photos in Modern Slave at AXD

JD Dragan knows how to light pigmented skin with exquisite finesse. His photographs of black male bodybuilders on exhibit at AxD Gallery are lush, sexy and very disturbing. Upon walking into the gallery I thought I was being confronted by the works of a black artist dealing with his or her own internalized racism (a subject worth exploring), until the gallery director informed me that the photographs were by a white man. In my mind that changed everything. My first instinct was to leave as quickly as I came in but instead I decided to ask a few questions. I ... More » »

Andrea Modica, from the Fountain series. photo courtesy of the artist

Photographing the Baker family – an interview with Andrea Modica

The photographic series “Fountain” by Andrea Modica gives an insider view of modern industrial hunters, aka the Baker family. The Bakers run a small slaughterhouse that has been in the family for three generations. The collaboration between artist and family created a series of photographs that are like a well-developed philosophy of the expired, expressed with the gentle and careful use of tone and mood that constantly challenges a carnivore’s contribution to animal slaughter and its often quiet consequences (i.e. health). In this series of photographs, animal and human merge within the shadows without ever showing the blood and guts ... More » »


Close Encounters with Art – Liam Dean #9 at Knapp Gallery

Never in my life has a painting brought me to tears, until #9 by Liam Dean. I stood in front of this vortex masquerading as a painting, frozen and consumed by an orchestra of exquisitely deep and rich orange, red, browns and yellows sparkling like melted glass and menacingly closing in on a central amoeba-shaped floating form claiming to be under constant attack but unafraid and sending me urgent whispers — about supernatural abortions committed by both good and evil; about aborted ideas of escaping the prison of duality, for no matter how good you are, good only exists because ... More » »

The top look foils face recognition software. the bottom, not.

Interview: Adam Harvey and The Anti-Face

Surveillance will find you, and artist Adam Harvey’s CV Dazzle is the antidote, providing a kind of camouflage with makeup and hair–makeup and hair specifically used to protect against automated face detection and recognition systems. The term Dazzle refers to the  type of camouflage paint design used on military ships during War World I, created by British artist Norman Wilkinson who coined the term “dazzle  painting”; CV refers to computer vision (the eye). Look! It’s a bird; it’s a plane, no- it’s a satellite archiving the bone structure of your face. Never fear- CV Dazzle is here to save the ... More » »

Aureta, featured on StylelikeU

Elisa Goodkind – surface matters

Elisa Goodkind left the fashion industry at the height of her career (magazine editor/fashion stylist) to raise her two children. After returning to the industry she discovered advertisers had taken over, and personal vision was a thing of the past for fashion stylists. This was the inspiration for her new book StylelikeU (co-authored with daughter Lily Mandelbaum, 21), which is also an online magazine ( that features video portraits of people from cities across the globe giving us a peek into their closets while philosophizing about personal style. If you’re someone who is frustrated, annoyed and angered by the silly ... More » »

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