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Bjork, Biophilia. Image via Artnet.

The artblog Reader Advisor

[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: A disappointed review of Björk’s MoMA show; there’s a shadow on Clinton’s presidential portrait; and multiple ways that Star Trek actually shaped modern technology. — the artblog editors] Science Addresses #TheDress; Millions Around World Still Don’t Care, via Wired Pop Star’s MoMA Show Is Not All It’s Björked Up to Be, via Artnet Rock-Solid: Pebble’s Smartwatch Launch Garners Huge Support, via TechCrunch Museum Pieces Destroyed During ISIS Crisis May Have Been Mostly Replicas, via Huffington Post Nay, We Cannot Bear It: Maggie Smith to Leave Downton Abbey, via the New York Times Help ... More » »

"Hollywood's Best Party". Image via Huffington Post.

The artblog Reader Advisor

[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: Despite efforts to recruit more women in tech, they’re leaving the industry in droves; the Barnes Foundation uncovered two previously unseen Cezanne sketches; and Edward Snowden has a hard time answering questions on Reddit. – the artblog editors] Beam Us Up: We Love This Multipurpose Projector-Meets-Lightbulb, via Wired Art Museums Selfie-Stick it to Narcissistic Patrons, via the Kansas City Star Codexodus: Women Leaving Tech Industry En Masse, via the LA Times Here’s Who Won at the Oscars on Sunday, via the New York Times Here’s a Sculpture That Got Kicked Out of the ... More » »

Film still

From the vault — Whiplash movie review

[Get the scoop on “Whiplash,” a film that opened the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and is now up for a bevy of awards at this weekend’s Oscars, including Best Picture. Donald finds personal connections to his own conservatory experience. — the artblog editors] What will a young man do for what he loves: his art? How far is too far? When does one draw the line in this everlasting mission? The answer is unclear, as any serious artist knows that you spend your entire life searching for the best result. The “best result” can be another term for perfection, which is ... More » »


From the vault — Boyhood movie review

[Get the scoop on Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood,” just in time for its Best Picture nomination at the Oscars this weekend! Roberta enjoyed this warm portrait of a family, shot over more than a decade. — the artblog editors] In the almost three hours Richard Linklater‘s “Boyhood” takes to tell the story of Mason (Ellar Coltrane) from ages five to 18, the haircuts change, and the pop music of the background does too. But the kid and his just folks family, living their pretty darned normal Texas lives, stay normal and true. Their lives are chronicled with such quiet and intimate storytelling that by the end, they feel like ... More » »

Image via Huffington Post.

The artblog Reader Advisor

[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: Apple toots its own horn and keeps an eye on the time; new FAA regulations seem to put the kibosh on Amazon and other would-be commercial drone users; and architects self-select for designing prisons and solitary confinement cells.] One to Watch: The Woz Says Apple’s New Gadget Is Art, via CNET Design Behind Bars: The Ethics of Prison Architecture, via New York Times British Artists Boycott Israeli Culture and Sponsorship, via Artnet FAA Nay Means No-Fly Zones for Drones, via Yahoo Tech Behind the Scenes with the Makers of a Vivian Maier Documentary, ... More » »

Via Gizmodo.

The artblog Reader Advisor

[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: Tech advances that will thrill or shock you; a Monet work sells for a record sum; and a fond farewell to the designer of Kikkoman Soy Sauce’s iconic bottle. — the artblog editors] Art Large: Given Furlough, Fraudster Flees the Feds, via Artnet Play, Pause, Stop, Shh! Your TV Might Be Listening In, via BBC Soy No More: Designer of Iconic Kikkoman Soy Sauce Bottle Dies, via Huffington Post (photo via http://instagram.com/lapotenza/) The Best Office View in the Universe—Literally, via Gizmodo Mo’ Monet, Mo Problems. Just Kidding, the Art Market Is Wealthier Than Ever, via ... More » »

paolozzi guardian

The artblog Reader Advisor

[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: London is mad, and not in the British way; a new app promises to increase reading speed; and one woman turns her identity-theft case into an art show. — the artblog editors] Spray Day, Spray Day! New Street-Art Reality TV Show Premieres, via Variety Station Desecration: London Mad About Mosaic Mistreatment, via the Guardian College Art Project Shuts Down Atlanta Highway; Students At Fault Clearly Aren’t Urban Planning Majors, via ABC News Enjoy This Retrospective of the Berkeley Art Museum Before It Moves, via DailyCal To Preface a Mockingbird: Harper Lee’s New Novel ... More » »


Exhibit BE, a street art spectacular in New Orleans

[artblog editor Lianna Patch recaps a street-art exhibition in her hometown of New Orleans. — the artblog editors] Originally, New Orleans was only going to have a single day to see Exhibit BE. But this collaborative graffiti-art project, opened to the public in November 2014 and billed as the “largest urban art exhibition in the South,” just stayed open…and open…and open. The enormous, colorful show of spray-painted works, sculpture, and on-site performance soon became part of P.3+, a satellite exhibition program for New Orleans art biennal Prospect.3. It finally closed on Jan. 19, with a three-day party to mark its incredible success. Complex undertaking More ... More » »

Bonnie Jones, from her poem projected on a screen

From the vault: Agony and ecstasy at Vox’s AUX

[It’s been nearly three years since Libby gave an incisive review of a new-media performance and art show at Vox Populi. Having immersed ourselves in our devices all the more since then, we thought we could all use a reminder that texting and other less personal forms of communication can, sometimes, elevate us. — the artblog editors] My first outing to AUX, the newish performance space at Vox Populi Gallery, last week was an extraordinary mix of pain and transcendence. The event, Rhythms of Time Sharing (RoTS), showcased several communications-technology-based performances, including work from artists based here, in the nation ... More » »

Does this Robert Ryman pain remind you of anything? Image via ArtNet.

The artblog Reader Advisor

[This week on the artblog Midweek Reader Advisor: A few lists to entertain you during #Snowmageddon2015; Bjork bids a bitter bye to boyfriend Barney;and an art museum decides to hide a certain work’s existence. — the artblog editors] Dia de Los Muertos: Archaeologists Might Just Have Found Cervantes’ Body, via CBC News Political Cartoonists “Draw the Line” in New Book Spurred by Charlie Hebdo Tragedy, via Independent Tired of Hearing About Snow? Read and Watch Things About It, via ArtNet Victoria & Albert Museum Pretends It Doesn’t Know What Muhammad Looks Like, via the Guardian Don’t Call It a Bjork-Up, ... More » »

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