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Image via Wired.

The artblog Reader Advisor

[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: Stunning examples of design via the London Design Museum; Audi commissions the first “chairless chair”; and LACMA gets a new look for its new look. — the artblog editors] Here’s What $50 Million in Art Looks Like, via the Huffington Post Due What? Google Builds Email Bill-Pay System, via CNET 99 Bloblems: New LACMA Museum Design Gets More Structure, via LA Times It’s Only March, But London’s Design Museum Has Picked Its Designs of the Year, via the Telegraph Bureaucrats Vs. Drones: Amazon Complains Its FAA-Approved Drone Is Already Obsolete, via The Verge ... More » »

Image via Wired.

The artblog Reader Advisor

[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: Hyperallergic takes a Village Voice writer to task; Facebook offers a new payment system; and Iraq shows off its considerable cultural contributions even as ISIS attempts to destroy them. — the artblog editors] Take That, ISIS: Iraq Plans Venice Biennale Contribution and Ai Wei Wei Collaboration, via ArtNews Slow Dance (Literally): How Slow-Mo Video Is Changing Dancers’ Craft, via Wired Village Voice Vitriol: In Defense of Kehinde Wiley, via Hyperallergic Nintendo Games Go Mobile—No, It’s Not a New Gameboy, via TechCrunch Is the Art World a Boys’ Club? Four Juggernauts Debate, via ArtNews ... More » »

Frank Bramblett, at the opening of the Center City Tyler School of Art.  They ran out of "Hello my name is" stickers so Frank made his own out of blue tape.

From the vault: Frank Bramblett on artblog radio

[Revered Philly artist and teacher Frank Bramblett has a new retrospective at the Woodmere Art Museum, exploring his rejection of traditional art-making methods. We chatted with Frank a few years ago about how his solitary childhood influenced his creation process, and more. — the artblog editors] Frank Bramblett grew up in a small town in rural Alabama where he played in the Alabama mud as a child. He also had an imaginary friend, Graham, who talked to him constantly. Frank’s large abstract paintings spring from his love of materials and from his need to experiment like an alchemist. You can ... More » »

Amy Sadao, ICA Director, in her office, on April 7, 2014.

From the vault: Amy Sadao on artblog radio

[We’re excited to be presenting a panel on Activism, Evangelism, and Art on March 23 with Slought, Ken Lum, and Amy Sadao! Get to know Amy’s background here. — the artblog editors] Amy Sadao, Director of the Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)  has won many awards for her work as a curator, organizer and leader in the arts. There are not a lot of women directors of art museums, and Sadao says that’s a problem. She herself had strong woman mentors and credits them for her success. We asked Amy about ICA’s plethora of programs and the museum’s free admissions, and ... More » »

Image via Wired.

The artblog Reader Advisor

[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: Art Basel wants you to know it has nothing to do with Artsy; Wikimedia sues the NSA; and a famous children’s book author introduces kids to Surrealism. — the artblog editors] She-Span Public Art Project Celebrates Women in Congress, via Huffington Post Here’s a Ceramic Brick That Cools Your House, via Wired Total Artrage: Art Basel Repudiates Artsy, via Artnet There’s Only One Bad Thing About the New MacBook, via Gizmodo Discord at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, via Baltimore Sun Wikimedia Is Suing the NSA—This Should Be Interesting, via Engadget Kleeful Endeavor: The ... More » »

Ken Lum, speaking with us on Nov. 12 at his studio in Bella Vista

From the vault: Ken Lum on artblog radio

[We’re excited to have Ken Lum as a panelist on the Activism, Evangelism, Art discussion that we’re co-hosting with Slought! Join us on Monday, March 23 at 6:30 pm to hear Ken talk with Amy Sadao, Pepón Osorio, and Aaron Levy about how artists and communities interact in Philly. — the artblog editors] Ken Lum moved to Philadelphia in 2012 to head up the Fine Arts Undergraduate Program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design. Right now, you can see work by Ken at his solo exhibition, The Mini-Mall Series, at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery. AND, coming in March, his work will be featured in the 2014 ... More » »


From the vault: Podcast interview with artist Shelley Spector

[During this radio blast from the past, meet artist Shelley Spector. She’s a longtime active member of the Philly arts community, and she has a new show up at the PMA, which runs until Sept. 27. — the artblog editors] Shelley Spector studied dance for many years–her mother was a dance teacher and taught dance classes out of the studio in the basement. So the idea of creating art that looks effortless–the way dancers make dancing look effortless–was built into Spector’s way of working. Spector founded the influential Spector Gallery on 6th and Bainbridge in 1999, and that space, which ... More » »

Bjork, Biophilia. Image via Artnet.

The artblog Reader Advisor

[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: A disappointed review of Björk’s MoMA show; there’s a shadow on Clinton’s presidential portrait; and multiple ways that Star Trek actually shaped modern technology. — the artblog editors] Science Addresses #TheDress; Millions Around World Still Don’t Care, via Wired Pop Star’s MoMA Show Is Not All It’s Björked Up to Be, via Artnet Rock-Solid: Pebble’s Smartwatch Launch Garners Huge Support, via TechCrunch Museum Pieces Destroyed During ISIS Crisis May Have Been Mostly Replicas, via Huffington Post Nay, We Cannot Bear It: Maggie Smith to Leave Downton Abbey, via the New York Times Help ... More » »

"Hollywood's Best Party". Image via Huffington Post.

The artblog Reader Advisor

[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: Despite efforts to recruit more women in tech, they’re leaving the industry in droves; the Barnes Foundation uncovered two previously unseen Cezanne sketches; and Edward Snowden has a hard time answering questions on Reddit. – the artblog editors] Beam Us Up: We Love This Multipurpose Projector-Meets-Lightbulb, via Wired Art Museums Selfie-Stick it to Narcissistic Patrons, via the Kansas City Star Codexodus: Women Leaving Tech Industry En Masse, via the LA Times Here’s Who Won at the Oscars on Sunday, via the New York Times Here’s a Sculpture That Got Kicked Out of the ... More » »

Film still

From the vault: Whiplash movie review

[Get the scoop on “Whiplash,” a film that opened the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and is now up for a bevy of awards at this weekend’s Oscars, including Best Picture. Donald finds personal connections to his own conservatory experience. — the artblog editors] What will a young man do for what he loves: his art? How far is too far? When does one draw the line in this everlasting mission? The answer is unclear, as any serious artist knows that you spend your entire life searching for the best result. The “best result” can be another term for perfection, which is ... More » »

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