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crystal glasses

Happy New Year!

Did you know that the Times Square ball that drops at Midnight is Waterford crystal? Yeah, neither did we.  In honor of the ball, let’s raise a glass of Waterford crystal in honor of the New Year, 2015!  Honest, it’s gonna be a great year.


Merry Happy Christmas, everyone!

All of us at TheArtblog wish you and your families love, happiness and an art-filled New Year! Here are some seasonal pictures for you. Enjoy.

From Stella's comic book of the Rugrats.  1998?  "All you has ta do is stuff all the bad things in this bag and throw it away"

Happy Thanksgiving from TheArtblog team!

Words of advice on this day of sharing. “All you has ta do is stuff all the bad things in this bag and throw it away.” — Love, From All of Us at TheArtblog

bar chart

TheArtblog needs you! Take a two-minute survey to help us with our site redesign

(Dear Readers, Today we ask you to help us make TheArtblog better! — TheArtblog team) The answers are beginning to come in to our reader survey.  Don’t be left out! Tell us what you like about our publication and what you’d like to see more of. In 2015 we will be redesigning the website and your feedback is crucial to help us assess what should stay, what should go and what we haven’t thought of yet.  We value your opinions and want to hear your feedback about TheArtblog. Thanks so much! Click this link to go to TheArtblog site survey.  Ten questions. Two minutes tops ... More » »


Live Comments – Michael Andre on Sari Dienes

Andrea Kirsh’s review of the Sari Dienes show at the Drawing Center (read it here) stated that Dienes was at the center of the art scene during the 1950s-1980s, yet now her name is largely unknown.  Andrea’s post inspired artblog contributor Michael Andre to email a comment on Dienes, whom he knew. I have read Michael’s comment and you can hear it below the written word. I first saw Sari Dienes’ work in the ‘70s at Buecker & Harpsichords. I liked it and said so in an article in the Village Voice. We became friends. The highlight of that friendship had to be ... More » »

wall display in cafe

Live Comments by Douglas Witmer at Green Line Cafe

[Roberta sees a new kind of display at a cafe in West Philadelphia and grabs a live comment from cafe owner and artist, Douglas Witmer. –the artblog editors] Green Line Cafe, like many local coffee houses, has a robust art program. On its walls you are likely to see paintings, prints, drawings, small sculpture by local artists, and now, for the first time, a graphic display of a study by University of Pennsylvania graduate students Jessica Hurley and Laura Finch, documenting their research into racial implications of the Cold War nuclear bomb crisis, 1945-89, and capitalist (bankers, developers) implications of urban ... More » »

blue light projection on wall and ceiling

Sort-of Live Comments – Vox building and Space 1026 on First Friday, Oct. 3, 2014

(Sadly, this reporter’s fumble fingers vaporized the 6-minute Live Comments voice recording I made Friday, Oct. 3, 2014. As with the dictates of Murphy’s Law, I had no backup version. So what we have below, folks, is a lemonade of Live Comments — a paraphrased version of what people said to me at the Vox building and Space 1026 last Friday night.  P. S. Burned once, I will never again edit from an un-backed up audio file.  Look for more (really) Live Comments in the future.) John Phillips: I just saw great John Moore paintings (at Locks Gallery to Nov. 8) ... More » »

people in gallery

Live Comments – October Grand opening of CruxSpace

[First Friday, Oct. 3, 2014, saw the grand opening of CruxSpace, a new media gallery, near Girard and 7th St. I stopped by before the official opening while the gallery was documenting the show and attending to last minute details and collected some Live Comments.  The audio is brief (4 minutes).  Give a listen!  Want to comment on a show?  Look for me at openings or, send an email with your written comment to theartblog19004@gmail.com and we will include it in the next Live Comments]

wall display in cafe

Live comments! Kay Healy’s Lost and Found at the Free Library

[I was out at the Free Library last night for Kay Healy‘s talk about her work and to see her new installation in the first floor Home Page Cafe. Kay’s project is a story project. She collects stories from people about objects that they have lost and what they feel about those objects. Peter Crimmins did interviews with the participants and you can hear the stories here.] I collected some Live Comments at the opening.  The audio is brief (under 2 minutes).  Give a listen!  Want to comment on a show?  Look for me tonight at First Friday events in ... More » »

beach blanket and line on floor

Sketches from California have a lot of spit and polish at Fjord

[Roberta encounters the beach, some seals playing in a fountain, landscapes and kitsch in a group show at Fjord. — the artblog editors) The word sketches usually means quick, fresh, unfinished.  For Sketches from California, a group show of works by artists from the UC San Diego graduate art program, artist and curator Frankie Martin specifically asked for and got works that are quick and fresh.  But to this viewer, the pieces look as finished as a lot of what passes for finished these days.  There’s spit and polish in the videos, drawings, and installations and thoughts or thought-fragments that make ... More » »

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