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artblog goes to documenta, miami basel, carnegie international, and the usual new york suspects.

Art fair

Report from Seattle

[Blaise and Virginia report on Seattle’s growing arts scene, offering the good and the bad of the city’s first large contemporary fair. — the artblog editors] Art fairs are not our favorite “thing”. But, we were in Seattle and the city was having its first large-scale contemporary fair, so we decided to go. Called the “Seattle Art Fair” (straightforwardly enough), it was spearheaded by Seattle-based Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen. Allen is a major art collector and purportedly observed that Seattle’s wealthier residents, especially those in the tech sector, were not investing enough of their interest or money in fine art. ... More » »

Art Basel Miami

Miami Project, on the periphery of Art Basel Miami

[Andrea singles out several favorites from Miami Project, one of ABMB’s satellite fairs. She found herself particularly drawn to drawings this year. — the artblog editors] Miami Project is a fairly new member of the 22 smaller fairs that circle, like small fish, around the shark that is Art Basel Miami Beach. The dealers are all well-established galleries across the U.S. As usual, I paid attention to the work that was unfamiliar, and found a lot of it interesting. Rare sketches from Mel Chin Mel Chin’s work was on view at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery (New Orleans): a wall piece in ... More » »

Space Odyssey: Chinese artist Li Wei flies above the crowd at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Postcard from Paris — Icarus en Ville at spring art fair Art Paris

[Matthew visits the spring art fair, Art Paris, and talks about the infusion of Chinese art there. — the artblog editors] Even the casual Paris observer will note that the Elysian Fields (Les Champs Elysées) have slowly become a bit more Chinese over the last two decades. Sushi restaurants are run by Chinese immigrants; old French “tabacs” and cafés are being taken over by Chinese and Vietnamese families. Chinese is almost a second language in the Louvre and my friends’ children all learn Mandarin at school. So it’s no wonder Art Paris, the spring salon that takes place each spring, ... More » »

Terry Adkins, Aviarium, 2014, polyurethene and enamel

Whitney Biennial 2014 – Tough sledding through a hodgepodge with some gems

Like walking through a yard sale or grandma’s attic, the hodgepodge that is the Whitney Biennial 2014 is a a little sad. All that stuff made by 103 participants, collected and sitting there, clogs the space and makes the journey through the show like walking through the Armory Show, only without the aisles and missing the weirdly high art-fair energy.  Advice:  Start at the top and work your way down.  Fourth Floor – Curator Michelle Grabner It’s shocking, we know, but like everyone, we come to the Whitney Biennial looking for our favorites and hoping to be introduced to great ... More » »

Zanele Muholi, gallerist told us that was Zanele in the picture, at Yancey Richardson, ADAA Art Show

New York art fairs – Armory Show is tame, ADAA’s is elegant with tons of women artists!

March Madness happens in the art world every two years when the Whitney Biennial coincides with the annual international art fairs.  It’s way too much art for anyone to digest, but it’s party time, with the tribes gathered, congratulations all round, and in the case of the fairs, SALES, which make the world go round. Louder than ever this year, the globalization of the art market showed. At almost every turn  we said “We’ve seen work like this in Philly!” The Armory Show We visited the Armory Show on Piers 92 and 94. The huge monster on the Piers seemed ... More » »

John McLaughlin, Untitled (1941) at Franklin Parrasch Gallery.

Art Basel Miami Beach, 2013

(Andrea strolls the 2013 Art Basel Miami Beach art fair, and offers her picks from both new and familiar artists. — the artblog editors) Each year, friends ask about my response to Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB), and I reply that someone might be able to attend a fair for three and a half hours and offer an opinion, but I’m not that someone. I attend fairs to see what I can learn, preferably to see interesting work by artists I didn’t know, or new aspects of artists whose work I’ve seen before. Another wonderful Picasso drawing, such as the ... More » »

James Castle (1900-1977), working his soot and spit drawings at his home in Garden Valley, Idaho.  Photo: Magnolia Atlas.

Letter From Paris – The Outsiders Take A Room

(Matthew Rose sees a lot of great outsider art at the Outsider Art Fair in the Hotel Le A in Paris.–the artblog editors) James Castle spent his life in silence on a farm in Garden Valley, Idaho. Deaf and unable to communicate with his own family, even in sign (it wasn’t taught in his local school), Castle spent his time looking closely at the world, drawing barnyards, farm landscapes, rocking chairs and self portraits with soot and spit, usually on unfolded match boxes and found scraps of paper.  He patched and stitched together naif cardboard sculptures of people, ducks or ... More » »

Bruno Munari ‘Libro Illeggibili MN 1'

The eighth annual NY Art Book Fair at MoMA PS 1

(Andrea’s visit to the NY Art Book Fair unearths some familiar publishing names and artists amidst the huge crush of material filling PS1 inside and out.–the artblog editors) This was the first time I’d attended the NY Art Book Fair , organized by Printed Matter and held at MoMA PS1 on Sept. 20-22, and I was entirely unprepared for its extent. The Fair filled not only all of the building’s galleries, but its entire courtyard and ancillary outdoors spaces as well. I approached it much like an art fair, alotting myself a fixed amount of time (never enough) and seeing ... More » »

Rokni Haerizadeh, gesso, ink and watercolor on printed paper. Courtesy of Galerie Isabelle van den Eynde, Dubai, and the artist

The 2013 Carnegie International – Some great community gems in the midst of a comfort zone of familiar art

While it doesn’t push the envelope or any obvious buttons, the 2013 Carnegie International serves up delights and high points along with the comfort and reassurance of familiar faces. It’s a humanist show that is mining territory that’s been mined before – history, community, anti-capitalism. And bravo for all that! Community and Archival Projects Many artists featured in the show are working with communities.  Here are our favorites. Let’s hear it for Zoe Strauss!  She didn’t win the Carnegie Prize or the Fine Prize (those went to Nicole Eisenman and Zanele Muholi respectively — congrats to those two wonderful women ... More » »


Sponsored Post – West Collection at PULSE New York

This post is sponsored by The West Collection at SEI PULSE New York has invited the West Collection to curate the lobby installations at the Metropolitan Pavilion, May 9-12, 2013.  In the lobby, the West Collection will be selling new works from five established West Collection artists and showing the work of fourteen unrepresented artists you won’t want to miss. Click here for more on each artist. West Collection at PULSE New York May 9-12, 2013 The Metropolitan Pavilion 125 West 18th Street Between 6th and 7th Avenues Chelsea, New York City Thursday May 9, noon-8pm Friday May 10, 11am-8pm Saturday May ... More » »

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