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episode 15 feature

artblog Art Safaris – Episode 15 – A final episode and thank you!

We are at the end of our Knight Arts Challenge-sponsored Art Safaris — this is the final video. It was a wonderful project and we are hopeful we can extend the safaris into the future. Thanks to everyone who supported this project, we couldn’t have done it without you. And to those who came with us on safari, a hearty thanks for helping make this experiment a success. We hope you had as good a time as we did. Love, Libby and Roberta Here’s the link to Episode 15 on YouTube. See all the Art Safari videos on the art safari ... More » »


artblog Art Safaris – Episode 14, We meet Pterodactyl!

For Safari Episode 14, we went to Pterodactyl, a space we ourselves had never visited. What an adventure! The gallery is smack dab in the middle of Fireball Printing, the printer of choice for so many of Philly’s alternative spaces. There we saw Unconventional Narrative, curated by Joseph Leroux, featuring his work along with work by Kyle Coffin and Clark McLean Graham. (The show closes June 23). Presenting….Safari Episode 14…ta-daaah: Here’s the link to Episode 14 on YouTube. See all the Art Safari videos on the art safari page or the video page of artblog. And you can subscribe to our videos on our YouTube ... More » »


artblog Art Safari double episodes–Episode 13 at Fjord, plus Extra at Highwire

We made a number of stops on Frankford Avenue on our June First Friday safari. For Safari Episode 13, we stopped at Fjord for Spectator Sport, an all-video exhibit. The gallery is only two shows old, but already impressive. We saw wrestlers arrayed like June Taylor dancers and moving words embedded in colorful abstractions. They were just two of the video works from 10 (or more, depending on who’s counting) artists living across America and Canada. We also included a short Extra episode in this post (look below #13), in which we talk to Rochelle Dinkin at  Highwire Gallery. Episode 13: Extra: Here’s ... More » »

episode 12 safari

artblog Art Safari, Episode 12 – Philly Pickup Truck Expo at the Icebox

We got a sneak peek at the Philly Pickup Truck Exposition last Friday night, June 1, at Crane Arts. The one-night event was not until the next night, June 2, but the organizers graciously allowed us to crash their installation in progress. The Icebox was filled with the trucks, their hoods up, and with artists making installations for the flatbeds and cabs. The Expo was organized by Tim Belknap and Ryan McCartney, who saw the event as an opportunity to bring some people together, have fun, and show off their trucks (and art). In this 2.45 minute video we see ... More » »


artblog Art Safaris – Episode 11 – Fabian Lopez at Artspace Liberti

We’d seen Fabian Lopez’s paintings before and loved the abstracted landscapes with their California colors. Lopez, a Tyler MFA who is from Los Angeles, talks about being influenced by his parents’ storytelling, and the images he would conjure in his head to go with the stories. There are suggestions of narrative in his paintings, up at Artspace Liberti until June 16.  Rob Matthews, who directs the exhibition program at Artspace Liberti puts in an appearance in the video. This is the last of our May 4 Art Safari episodes.  But stay tuned, we’ve got another Art Safari happening this Friday, ... More » »


artblog Art Safaris, Episode 10 – Painting, video and sculpture at Grizzly Grizzly and Vox Populi

We visited Grizzly Grizzly and Vox Populi on our May 4 Safari tour.  At Grizzly, we talk with Charlotte Hallberg and Johannes Deyoung whose two-person exhibit Microwave includes three walls partly wallpapered with paintings and an eerie clay animation video. At Vox Populi we peek at Jamie Dillon’s hobby horse and hear Stefan Abrams talk about his ChaChing photos. This 3.45 minute video is the second episode from the May 4 outing.  The third and final episode from Safari 3 is coming next week.  See all the Art Safari videos on the art safari page or the video page.   You ... More » »

Alana Bograd, curator of Peep!  speaking with us at Little Berlin

Art Safari Episode 9 – We visit Peep, a painting exhibit at Little Berlin

We visited Little Berlin on our May 4 Safari tour, to see the group painting exhibition, Peep, curated by LB member Alana Bograd. Bograd, a painter, rounded up works from local, national and international painters — it’s the first painting show at the alternative gallery space in Kensington. This 2.45 min video is the first episode from the May 4 outing.  More episodes coming in the next few weeks.  See all the Art Safari videos on the art safari page or the video page. You can watch the video at our YouTube channel. This episode is recorded and edited by the ... More » »


artblog Art Safari – Episode 8 – interactive fiber at Grizzly Grizzly and Yun, Bailis and Crombie at Vox Populi

In this three and a half minute episode, we visit Grizzly Grizzly and Vox Populi and talk with Grizzly member Mary Smull about the interactive, motion-activated fiber show there by collaborating artists, Annica Cuppetelli and Christobal Mendoza. At Vox Populi, we talk with Linda Yun, Leah Bailis and Kara Crombie about their solo shows in that member gallery. This is the final episode from artblog’s second Art Safari, which took place April 14, 2012.  In the coming weeks we’ll roll out the episodes from our third Safari tour, which happened May 4. Or watch the video at our YouTube channel. ... More » »


artblog Art Safaris – Episode 7 – Ronnie Bass at Marginal Utility

This almost 3-minute episode shows us watching and discussing the video works at Marginal Utility by Brooklyn artist Ronnie Bass. When puzzling out meaning, it’s often good to have multiple points of view, and we did. The scenes of a young man and woman chanting and playing drums, guitar and a saw seemed like music videos to some, and to others like an interesting puzzle to be

episode 6 feature

artblog Art Safaris, Episode 6 – Phoning it in from Yogyakarta at Space 1026

In this 2-minute episode we visit Space 1026 to talk with Hidden City Philadelphia Creative Director Lee Tusman about the show he brought together from Yogyakarta, Indonesia (at Space 1026 until April 27).  The works are graphically bold, and Lee tells us Yogyakarta’s youthful art scene is kind of like Philadelphia’s.  You can see all the Art Safari videos on the art safaris page. Or watch the video at our YouTube channel. This episode is recorded and edited by the gifted Kim Paynter of WHYY’s — thanks Kim! Thanks also to the Knight Foundation for the matching Arts Challenge Award ... More » »