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artblog Art Safaris, Episode 5 – Nick Lenker’s Apocalypse of Now at Pageant Soloveev

This 3-minute episode from our April 14 Art Safari takes us to Pageant Soloveev, 607 Bainbridge St. for an encounter with Nick Lenker‘s The Apocalypse of Now. Lenker lived in the gallery for 3 days last weekend, enacting a rite of passage as he transitions from MFA student at Tyler School of Art to graduation and the great beyond. Accompanying us on this tour are a group of intrepid souls including a couple of artists, two art collectors and three psychotherapists!  And stay tuned for two more episodes from the April 14 Safari, which will run here later in the ... More » »


artblog Art Safaris, Episode 4 – Tiger Strikes Asteroid and Vox Populi

This breezy, 2.50 minute-episode, the third from our first official Art Safari on March 2, takes us to the Vox building, 319 N. 11th St., where we have a chat with Jaime Alvarez at Tiger Strikes Asteroid and Kate Stewart at Vox Populi.  Barnes Foundation educator John Gatti’s Art Now students were with us, and in this episode Barnes student Martha Harris sums up her experience of Alvarez’s photos — great stuff! To watch all the safari videos go to the art safaris page of the blog. Or watch the video at our YouTube channel. This episode is recorded and ... More » »


artblog Art Safaris – Episode 3, Not a Stitch at B Square Gallery

Episode 3 continues the chronicle of artblog’s Art Safari last March 2. This short (2.54 min) video takes us to B Square Gallery for the show “Not a Stitch,” a drawing exhibit based on the theme of fiber arts. The show is curated by Amber Dorko Stopper, who talks in the video about some of the the knitting fetish drawings in the show and about her knitting tarot card book, also in the show, which she hand printed on her letterpress.  “Not a Stitch” is on view through April 28. If you’re wondering who was on safari with us, our ... More » »


artblog Art Safaris – Episode 2, Outside/Inside the Box at the Icebox

We ventured out for our first official artblog Art Safari on March 2, traveling to Crane Arts, B-Square Gallery and the Vox building. Episode 2, here , shows Bruce Hoffman and Amy Orr talking with us at the Icebox about their Fiber Philadelphia shows. Two more video episodes on their way for the other two stops we made. Stay tuned! We’ll try to run them on Mondays to supercharge your week.  If you’re wondering why this is episode 2, that’s because episode 1 ran last October and chronicled our trip to Temple Gallery as part of our safari practice run. ... More » »


Friday picture post – Outside/Inside the Box at the Icebox

Rachel Udell‘s  “The Shapes of My Dreams and of My Nightmares” hangs at about eye level in the middle of the Crane’s Icebox Project Space.  Part of Fiber Philadelphia‘s big juried art exhibit, the piece is a carnival of crocheted yarn, thread, heirloom clothing, fabric, felt and fiberfill.  We love its Dr. Seuss-ian ambiguity — is it good?  is it going to gobble you up?  And it got us thinking about the late Mike Kelly, perhaps the first to use stuffed animals in his installations.  artblog’s first art safari went out last Friday to see this show and some others.  ... More » »

Matthew Rose's award-winning sheet of stamp art is one of our great premiums.

Kickstarter premiums still available

You guys rock! We’ve hit our Kickstarter goal and then some. How can we thank you? Let us count the ways with premiums.   The Kickstarter premiums are still on the table. And we’re collecting donations there until Dec. 21. (The safaris costs exceed the basic fundraising goals, so all help is greatly appreciated). Love, Libby and Roberta


artblog safari Kickstarter news: 85% funded — we’re almost there!

Now is the time to support artblog’s art safaris Kickstarter campaign!  We are almost at the goal of $2,500!!  But we won’t get any of that money unless the project funds completely.  This means if you’ve been thinking about getting on board but haven’t yet done so we need you to mosey on over to Kickstarter and sign up asap! Big thanks to the 49 of you who contributed so far to what we think is a fantastic project.  And for everybody else, please help us out with your contribution so we can take people on safari–we’re dying to do this ... More » »


artblog safari Kickstarter news: $1,340 to go!!!

artblog’s art safaris Kickstarter campaign only has 23 days to go. And we still need to raise another $1,340. That means we raised $1,160 in our first week!! So big thanks to all of you who contributed to a fantastic start! For those of you who haven’t yet contributed, have you checked out our unique premiums–ways to make you part of the great project that is artblog–you on the blog in a variety of ways to match the size of your gift; you on a safari; you accompanying us on a recording session. And there’s more. Check out all the options!! Love, ... More » »


Art Safaris Kickstarter campaign launches!

Dear beloved artblog reader, We know you are an avid supporter of the arts — in Philadelphia and everywhere else — so we are reaching out to you. We have an important project–funded in part by Knight Foundation–but we need your help in matching those funds, or all that money from Knight will not come to Philadelphia. Our First Friday Art Safaris will bring new eyes to Philadelphia’s important and exciting new art, but your donation is critical! Today we are starting a Kickstarter campaign — to raise $2,500 for our project.  Check out our Kickstarter page today! And check ... More » »

Libby with Shelley Spector in a safari moment from the video, sharing some zines they bought at the Little Berlin BYOTY zine fair.

Watch the video from our first safari!

Hello everybody! We are very excited to share with you our video of the first artblog art safari!  The video is short and sweet and gets the points across well.  Click the link to see it on YouTube or watch it on our safari page where there’s more background information about this Knight Arts Challenge project. (Or watch it after the jump.)