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John Chamberlain, Tongue Pictures (1979)

Marfa, Texas and Environs

[Andrea hits the road to visit Donald Judd's Marfa, Texas art installations, and lauds the way the unconventional site highlights the featured artworks. -- the artblog editors] To those of us in the art world, “Marfa” means Donald Judd’s installations at the Chinati Foundation‎. The site opened to the public in 1986 and I’ve wanted to go since then, but Marfa is three and a half hours’ drive from the airport in El Paso, and even further from San Antonio, and I don’t like highway driving on my own. My good friend Hilary Jay, director of the Philadelphia Center for Architecture, ... More » »

Matthew Mazzotta’s "Open House" in motion. Photo: Architizer.com.

News – Goodbye to DODGE with Ellen Harvey, Little Berlin grows an Annex, CFEVA brings placemakers to the table, opportunities and more!

News   Jules Ferraro’s new show is one of those things that doesn’t beat around the bush, title-wise: MICROMANIA, opening as part of Collage Festival from May 8-10, 2014 at the The Community Education Center in West Philly, is billed as “an absurd reduction of tense interoffice relationships to a single issue, picking into the weird, wiggly world of the strangers we work with.” Described by Jules as a shoestring, high-concept spectacle, it’s also a breakout of sorts; it’s his first show production since graduating college. You can find more information at the Facebook event. Entrance to the festival is $5. Little Berlin marches on: ... More » »

Ten Thousand Storms #10, Graphite on Arches Buff, 5” x 4.25”

Altitudes and Latitudes — Michael Rossman’s tantalizing overgrowth at Cerulean Arts Gallery

[Michael reviews a show by graphite artist Michael Rossman, drawing our attention to the beauty of nature and its minutiae. -- the artblog editors]  Whether he is exploring the Northern Alps of Italy or treading the swamps of Florida, Michael Rossman draws from life while entirely surrendering himself to the wills of nature. In his show Altitudes and Latitudes, up now at Cerulean Arts Gallery, Rossman presents drawings that read less as two-dimensional objects and more as voids in space veiled by unkempt assortments of plants. Each mark within the drawings of this exhibition serves a purpose. Intricately placed lines highlight ... More » »


From the vault — Meet artblog comics artist Andrew Jeffrey Wright

[Ever wondered about the man behind artblog's latest spate of cat comics? Andrew Jeffrey Wright, who draws the popular Bananazz, talked with us in 2011 about zine-making, stand-up comedy, and surviving on $500 a month. Listen to the podcast to learn more about him! -- the artblog editors] Andrew Jeffrey Wright is known for his humorous drawings and prints, psychedelic pattern paintings, and most recently his stand-up comedy routine, which he performs regularly Tuesday nights at the Barbary. Wright, who is a founding and current member of Space 1026, made his first splash with The Manipulators, an animated film he co-produced with ... More » »


Interview with the artist — Mia Rosenthal’s plans for her Leonore Annenberg Fellowship

[Rachel sits down with artist Mia Rosenthal, who recently wrapped her second solo show and has big plans for her just-awarded career development grant. -- the artblog editors] What would I do if I could do anything? What is it that I really want to do? That is what Mia Rosenthal has been asking herself since applying for a 2014 Leonore Annenberg Fellowship. As fellowship winners were announced this week, Rosenthal became one of seven recipients of a $50,000 career development grant awarded by the Leonore Annenberg Fellowship Funds. The award comes at the end of her second solo show, ... More » »


Sponsored post — The book of Chen — Reading between the lines of Long-bin Chen’s sculptures of musical composers

[In this post sponsored by the West Collection, Christian Viveros-Fauné explains how sculptor Long-bin Chen gives new life to a sometimes-devalued medium: books. -- the artblog editors] “You cannot open a book without learning something.” ― Confucius The late Susan Sontag had it right: “A good book is an education of the heart.” Not only do books enlarge one’s “sense of human possibility,” she wrote, they also expand the individual’s “experience of the world.” Conversely—the great American cultural critic declared—books are “creators of inwardness.” It doesn’t take a huge imaginative leap to believe that, had she been asked, Sontag would have ... More » »