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With Oscar, Opera Philadelphia looks back to the last years of a literary icon’s life

[Donald reflects on Opera Philadelphia’s latest triumph–a moving look at the last years of Oscar Wilde’s life. — the artblog editors] As a writer, poet, and playwright, Oscar Wilde is unrivaled. The only part of Wilde’s life that the outside world reviled was his desire to truly be himself and embrace his sexuality. Opera Philadelphia’s East Coast premiere of Oscar is a character study that shows us the specific struggles Wilde experiences as he unapologetically tries to live the fullest life possible. Oscar is a continuation of the American Repertoire Program, which Opera Philadelphia has developed into a fantastic canon of ... More » »


The artblog Reader Advisor

[This weekend on the artblog Reader Advisor: A new study may promise hope for HIV/AIDS treatment; Washington, D.C. pot smokers rejoice!; and the Guardian delves into some dark arts. — the artblog editors] Everything You Need to Know About Art Therapy, via Huffington Post Guess How Much Money Was Spent on Art in 2014 (Hint: More Than $15 Billion), via Artnews Update on the Battle Against AIDS: New Study Brings Promising Findings, via Aids Map Ironically, Marijuana is Now Legal in D.C., via the Washington Post Grim Confrontations: Artists Raising Questions, Creating Work Through Crime, via the Guardian Artists, Take ... More » »


Dina Wind’s Transformations at Bridgette Mayer Gallery

[Diana examines a wall sculpture that is playful for its combination of found objects, and simultaneously subversive. — the artblog editors] The poet Stephen Spender once defined wit as “the ability to discover amusing analogies between apparently unrelated things and express them clearly.” As I was contemplating the late Dina Wind’s more than 20 sculptures from the 1980s and 1990s in the exhibition Dina Wind: Transformations, on view at Bridgette Mayer Gallery through Feb. 28, I was struck by the wittiness of her work, which is not “amusing” in a conventional sense, but in its ability to jolt the observer into ... More » »

The artist, surrounded by one of her sculptures, photo: L. Falquet, Paris: Anderson.

Books on Claire Falkenstein and Marie Zimmermann, successful women who should be better known

[Andrea reviews beautifully designed books on two female artists whose work, while successful during their lives, has largely been overlooked since. — the artblog editors] Claire Falkenstein Claire Falkenstein (The Falkenstein Foundation, Los Angeles: 2012), ISBN 978-1-4675-0834-6 This volume is a welcome survey of a successful, mid-20th-century artist, primarily known as a sculptor, whose work and reputation have inexplicably faded from view. She has disappeared from the record even more thoroughly than other artists working in the ’40s through ’60s who created cast and welded sculpture. That generation, deeply marked by the experience of war, was the last in a ... More » »

Farrah Karapetian, "Go to the Mystic." Image courtesy of the artist and Von Lintel Gallery.

Farrah Karapetian and the concert that never was at Von Lintel Gallery in Los Angeles

[Chip draws parallels between David Lynch and a ghostly show of photograms, which he saw while visiting Los Angeles. — the artblog editors] “No hay banda! There is no band.” Amid the rippled, red “curtains” slung across the rear of Von Lintel Gallery, we find ourselves as the audience for a performance devoid of motion and sound, yet the voice from David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive” cuts through loud and clear. “This is all…a tape recording,” says the host from Club Silencio; or rather a “treacherous image,” as the case may be. Silent music Artist Farrah Karapetian’s first solo show at the Los ... More » »


Zabardust at Twelve Gates Arts

[Jennifer works through a Feminist, all-female show celebrating unconventional women and acknowledging the daily struggle of women in some cultures to be equally acknowledged. — the artblog editors] Zabardust is an Urdu term that can be translated into English to mean awesome, terrific, or even fabulous. It is also the conceptual framework and title for the current group show at Twelve Gates Arts, on 2nd street in Old City, Philadelphia. Organized by New York-based curator Jasmine Wahi, Zabardust includes various-media works by seven artists: Karlito Miller, Rachel Mason, Maria Berrio, Angela Fraleigh, Anjali Bhargava, Swati Khurana, and Leila Lal. The exhibition ... More » »

"Hollywood's Best Party". Image via Huffington Post.

The artblog Reader Advisor

[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: Despite efforts to recruit more women in tech, they’re leaving the industry in droves; the Barnes Foundation uncovered two previously unseen Cezanne sketches; and Edward Snowden has a hard time answering questions on Reddit. – the artblog editors] Beam Us Up: We Love This Multipurpose Projector-Meets-Lightbulb, via Wired Art Museums Selfie-Stick it to Narcissistic Patrons, via the Kansas City Star Codexodus: Women Leaving Tech Industry En Masse, via the LA Times Here’s Who Won at the Oscars on Sunday, via the New York Times Here’s a Sculpture That Got Kicked Out of the ... More » »

Asian Art Initiative's vision for Chinatown North/Callowhill. Photo courtesy of the gallery.

News post – #asianartsinitiative pushing Pearl Street forward, Art-Reach welcomes John Orr, @mshandelman in Seattle, opportunities and more!

News   For Asian Arts Initiative, “activating the alley” is the goal of the year. Along with DesignPhiladelphia, AAI is working to create the Pearl Street Passage, a temporary, cutting-edge, outdoor exhibition on the 1100 block of Pearl Street. Designed to regenerate the spot while fostering relationships among a diverse range of people in the neighborhood, this means some germane opportunities for those of you eager to contribute creatively to the marquee event of the 2015 DesignPhiladelphia Festival (October 8-17). These opportunities are detailed further on!   Join Leeway Foundation and Bread & Roses Community Fund this Thursday, February 26 for the opening reception ... More » »