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Caroline Furr,

News post – Doppelganger at the PMA, happy anniversary to MUSE Gallery, Furr + Rose at Young Masters, opportunities and more!

News Open Air, happily, was a resounding success. During this project’s September 20-October 14 span, brought to Philadelphia by the Association for Public Art and artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer nearly 6,000 iPhone recordings in over 20 different languages were made, and more than 17,000 visitors came to the Ben Franklin Parkway. The Open Air website is up permanently, allowing people to listen to the recordings and vote for their favorites. It’ll be tough to narrow down: aside from some heart-tugging marriage proposals, there is the 127-message “Voices of Philly” archive of famous local voices. To learn more about the project, visit The Creators Project, the press release here, and some wonderful high-res photos. ... More » »

Alex Baker, new director, Fleisher-Ollman Gallery, speaking with us July 24 at the gallery.  That's a Bill Walton piece on the wall in back of him.

Alex Baker, back from Melbourne and taking charge at Fleisher-Ollman – next up on our podcast series

Alex Baker, the new director of Fleisher-Ollman Gallery, returned this Spring to Philadelphia after four years in Melbourne, Australia, where he was senior curator of contemporary art at the National Gallery of Victoria. Before he went to Australia, Alex was a major asset in the Philadelphia art scene. He was an influential curator at ICA and PAFA of wonderful outside the box exhibits. In this sample from our interview, Alex talks about how living in Australia gave him a new perspective on art from the Asia-Pacific world.  The full episode will run next Monday. Right click to download Alex Baker ... More » »

"Light" at Longwood Gardens.

News post – Philagrafika begins anew, Flying Kite art project,1616 Walnut sold, opportunities and more!

News Economic news – As much as we long to believe in the vision of recovery the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance has painted for us with glowing news of Philadelphia’s rebounding cultural sector, another depressing barrage of bad news for the arts flies in the face of their optimism. NPR is confronting the specter of major budget cuts, while 1616 Walnut, the building that houses the Fleisher-Ollman Gallery and the GPCA is being sold to be developed into residential space. Both the GPCA and Fleisher-Ollman are moving to new locations (the Cultural Alliance’s new home is the Philadelphia Building at 1315 Walnut, while ... More » »

Conversation with Alex Baker

Alex Baker, seen last February at Art in the Armory in New York where we ran into the PAFA Curator checking things out. I met Alex Baker at his office at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts on Oct. 25, about a week before his last day at the institution on Nov. 2. The outgoing Curator of Contemporary Art was cleaning out his office in preparation for his move across the globe to Melbourne Australia where he will be Senior Curator of Contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Victoria. That’s a big move geographically and a big move up ... More » »

Weekly Update – Feasley and Rojas at Locks

Today’s Weekly has my review of Joy Feasley and Clare Rojas‘s show at Locks Gallery. Below’s the copy with some pictures. Additional pictures at flickr. And here’s Libby’s post on the show. Fear and Loathing in FairylandJoy Feasley and Clare Rojas paint pretty poison at Locks. Clare Rojas. Untitled 2006. latex and gouache on panel. 65×72″ 16″diameter star. On view at Locks Gallery. Crisp brushwork, iconographic imagery and a palette of unreal colors unite the works of Philadelphian Joy Feasley and former Philadelphian Clare Rojas. The two artists, paired in a great painting show at Locks Gallery, make works that ... More » »


Color! from NY art shows

Just a quick post with some eye candy photos and links to more at flickr. We’ll do more deconstructing of what we saw at Pulse, Scope, Red Dot and the Armory in another post. Here’s my flickr Armory set, Scope set, Red Dot and Pulse. See Libby’s set here. Folkert de Jong’s The Death March: Drummer, Piper, Dancer. James Cohan Gallery, NY, at the Armory show. One of the most colorful installations. Weirdly anti-war with the figures sporting the heads of Abe Lincoln and what looks like Ben Franklin. Alex Baker, PAFA curator, and pink painting at the Armory show. ... More » »