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The 2013 Liberta Awards!

(Dear Folks, In case you haven’t heard, 2013 was the year artblog turned 10 years old! (See UC review article, Philly.com article, and Decade of artblog videos). Besides celebrating our own wonderfulness, we observed, as usual, the wonders of the artworld in Philadelphia. Paris, London, Berlin, Rome and many, many other places. Local highlight this year: The Reading Viaduct project, spearheaded in large part by artist and activist Sarah McEneaney got underway–Yay! The Hidden City Festival delivered amazing art in amazing wrecks of buildings, and CityWide gathered the alternative tribes together for shows, panels, performances and networking. Meanwhile, artblog got a ... More » »

Artist Rob Matthews, soon to be departing Philly for new ventures.

News post – Bon Voyage Rob Matthews, augmented reality in LA, opportunities and more!

News January begins with a bit of sad news for Philly. One of our favorite artists and the exhibition coordinator at Artspace Liberti, Rob Matthews, is relocating to Nashville for family reasons sometime this spring. He does, however, have plans for a solo show at Gallery Joe in 2014. Farewell and good luck, Rob! Printeresting has gotten a phenomenal makeover, with a CC|Warhol Grant last year helping them devote time and energy toward a full site redesign for 2013.   Andrew Jeffrey Wright’s comedy troupe The New Dreamz has a couple of outings coming up, one in Philly and one in LA. For ... More » »

Charline Von Heyl, installation shot of two works at ICA

ICA’s first salon brings out massive crowd for lecture and discussion

Did you make it to ICA’s first Salon the other night? I was expecting, well, something Gertrude Stein-salon-like, with a group of people, maybe a discussion leader, sitting around, maybe a table. But no, this salon, whose topic was imagery and whose guest speakers included three painters, Dona Nelson, Scott Olson and R.H. Quaytman, was more like a panel discussion with slides, in the auditorium, with an SRO audience of maybe 130 people who sat or stood facing the stage.

Image from PPAC's current exhibit, The Greater Area

Participate, activate, engage – programming is in the air!

Years after 1969’s Summer of Love, it’s the fall of power to the people. More than just looking, this season galleries, museums and alternative venues all over town want you to come in, hang out, eat, discuss, make, share, and generally become an active participant in what they’re doing. There’s no city-wide manifesto, and nobody organized this fall programming juggernaut.  Call it the influence of online social networking or the influence of foundations eager to fund socially-engaged programming. For whatever reason, the Philly art world wants You!

Spiral Jetty

News roundup for you

Sad News Walter Edmonds We are sad to bring you the news that Philadelphia Artist Walter Edmonds, 73, died of a heart attack on June 12th.