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blue light projection on wall and ceiling

Sort-of Live Comments – Vox building and Space 1026 on First Friday, Oct. 3, 2014

(Sadly, this reporter’s fumble fingers vaporized the 6-minute Live Comments voice recording I made Friday, Oct. 3, 2014. As with the dictates of Murphy’s Law, I had no backup version. So what we have below, folks, is a lemonade of Live Comments — a paraphrased version of what people said to me at the Vox building and Space 1026 last Friday night.  P. S. Burned once, I will never again edit from an un-backed up audio file.  Look for more (really) Live Comments in the future.) John Phillips: I just saw great John Moore paintings (at Locks Gallery to Nov. 8) ... More » »


News post – Napoleon fundraiser, congratulations to Andrea, Douglas Witmer in Europe, opportunities and more!

News Napoleon Gallery and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeastern Pennsylvania are partnering for a fundraiser aimed at engaging artistically inclined young people. Forty artists have been invited to a charity art sale, with each artist contributing one piece of work; prices range from $40-$80, so it’s well within a thrifty budget. The proceeds are split fifty-fifty between the artists and Big Brothers Big Sisters SEPA for a 2013 educational art event. The fundraiser began last night, with the sale continuing today and Sunday from 2-6 PM. Keep in mind that it ‘s cash-only! Fishtown’s status as a cultural haven ... More » »

People at the Bruce High Quality Foundation meeting at Vox Populi.  The room decor is part of Matt Savitsky's installation in the current exhibit at Vox.

Weekend people, April version

First Friday started early for me at a meeting convened by Brooklyn’s Bruce High Quality Foundation.  The group of artists — which founded its own university — is on a cross-country tour in conjunction with Creative Time, to take the pulse of the nation’s art education system.  But instead of having an agenda of their own (that’s what I wanted to hear) they asked what the Philadelphians in attendance thought about art education.  As people went around the room and introduced themselves and then spoke about their relationship to the institutions of art education (BFAs, MFAs, those with none of those ... More » »

Sitting Down with Art; Mary Heilmann at The New Museum

Installation of Mary Heilmann: To Be Someone; all photos courtesy of The New Museum. I’ve been thinking about how we interact with art, prompted by yesterday’s visit to Mary Heilmann: To Be Someone at the New Museum (through January 26, 2009; it was organized by Elizabeth Armstrong of the Orange County Museum of Art). The exhibition includes not only the paintings for which Heilmann is known and a number of ceramics (reflecting her initial training) but also a number of the artist’s chairs: plywood cubes not unlike Donald Judd’s chairs (well, sufficiently unlike to be his worst nightmare; these have ... More » »

More Notes from ABMB etc. 2008

Marcus Coates still from Dawn Chorus (2006) courtesy of Workplace Gallery. One of Coates’ volunteers who recreated bird sounds as the artist filmed him at home. NADA (the New Art Dealers Alliance) is held in one of the most congenial spaces: the Ice Palace film studios. I always enjoy the fact that its galleries include those from cities I’m unlikely to get to: Malmo, Warsaw, Bucharest and Gateshead. In fact, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead had one of my favorite works of the day: Marcus Coates‘ multi-chanel video Dawn Chorus. Shot for 14 monitors and shown here on seven, it was the ... More » »

Notes from ABMB etc. 2008

Sophie Matisse The Staircase Group (2001), shown at Art Basel Miami Beach, courtesy of Francis M. Naumann Fine Art. Two and a half days and I managed to attend five fairs and two private collections with museum-like spaces open to the public (three Miami private collections are currently run as private museums open to the public and a fourth has just been announced). I say attend, because to actually see most of the work in the main fair (Art Basel Miami Beach or ABMB) might take three entire days (and at least a day for the other sizable fairs), and ... More » »

Three Beautiful Books

Three especially beautiful volumes are sitting on my desk at the moment, all of which would make perfect holiday gifts for an artist or art lover. Two are exhibition catalogs which have interest well beyond their respective exhibitions; the third, a wild card, is an unusual science book from Harvard University Press. Pablo Picasso, Self-Portrait (1907), oil on canvas, 19 3/4 x 18 in., Narodni Gallery, Prague. This painting is the subject of an article by Leo Steinberg, published for the first time in Cubist Picasso. Cubist Picasso (Paris: Editions de la Réunion des Musées Nationaux and Flammarion, SA, 2007 ... More » »

Alternate Art and Spiritual Worlds

Radcliffe Bailey Storm at Sea (2006), piano keys, African sculpture, model boat, paper, acrylic, glitter, and gold leaf 212 x 213 inches Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York © Radcliffe BaileyI went out to P.S.1 Friday to see Neohoodoo: art for a forgotten faith, co-organized with the Menil Collection, Houston. According to the press release the exhibition challenges conceptions of insider and outsider art, as a number of the artists from North, Central and South America incorporated vernacular religious forms and practices in works that address contemporary ritual and spirituality. Vernacular expressions of faith were much ... More » »

A Visual Feast At the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in D.C.

Rama’s Army Crosses the Ocean to Lanka from the Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas (1532-1623), Jodhpur (ca. 1775), opaque watercolor on paper, 63 x 125.8 cm, Mehrangarh Museum Trust. The scene displays continuous narrative with Rama, at upper left, planning the crossing from a mountaintop then at center left, prior to the crossing and a third time, at the center of a stone bridge as he is carried across the ocean on the back of a monkey warrior; finally he is seated as he speaks to his assembled army of monkeys and bears on the far shore.One enters Gardens and Cosmos: the ... More » »

Reviewing American Art History: Aaron Douglas and Salvatore Meo

Aaron Douglas Aspects of Negro Life: The Negro in an African Setting (1934) oil on canvas, Schomberg Center for Research in Black CultureAaron Douglas; African American Modernist at the Schomberg Center, NYCAaron Douglas was the major painter of the Harlem Renaissance, yet most people who recognize his name probably only know his work in reproduction. Douglas’ first traveling retrospective, representing all of his mural projects as well as easel paintings and illustrations, is making its final stop at the Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture, the New York Public Library branch at 135th St. through Nov. 30, 2008 (the ... More » »

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