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bears in kiddie pool

The artblog Reader Advisor

[This weekend on the Reader Advisor, Matt thinks about our animal brethren, so sweet, so nice, we love them. — the artblog editors] The Land Returneth to the Animals This week, a series of animal links of a different breed. Animal revolt is only as real as the nerve-deep terror that it reveals in our collective subconscious. Videos of manic elephants and rampaging housecats provide a small glimpse of a well-deserved flagellation. From the Bible, to Orson Welles, to Dr. Zaius, we create allegories that expose our unnatural human state of violence (against this planet; against each other) and forewarn of ... More » »

Eileen Neff, Horse by Car, 1 and 2, Archival Pigment on Dibond

Live Comments – Bridgette Mayer on Eileen Neff’s new Costa Rican works

[This episode of Live Comments features Bridgette Mayer talking about the show currently at her gallery by Eileen Neff.] Eileen Neff’s 3-week residency in Costa Rica produced some lush images of animals, plants and birds dealt with in Neff’s anthropomorphic way. Listen to the brief (5 minutes) audio of gallerist Bridgette Mayer talking about the works, then go have a conversation with the standing and seated leaves, and the horse, whose gaze is captivating. Perfect show to transport you to another climate, when you really need it. The show is up to April 18.  Here’s a link to the gallery website.

Art Basel Miami

Miami Project, on the periphery of Art Basel Miami

[Andrea singles out several favorites from Miami Project, one of ABMB’s satellite fairs. She found herself particularly drawn to drawings this year. — the artblog editors] Miami Project is a fairly new member of the 22 smaller fairs that circle, like small fish, around the shark that is Art Basel Miami Beach. The dealers are all well-established galleries across the U.S. As usual, I paid attention to the work that was unfamiliar, and found a lot of it interesting. Rare sketches from Mel Chin Mel Chin’s work was on view at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery (New Orleans): a wall piece in ... More » »

Ed Panar. Along the Monongahela River 2005
copyright Ed Panar

How Ed Panar knows that animals saw him – At Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Hearing about photographer Ed Panar’s exhibition “Animals that Saw Me” at Tiger Strikes Asteroid (to Feb. 24) left me skeptical. How did the artist know it was the animals that saw him? Isn’t this just animal portraiture? Looking at the work and speaking to curator Jaime Alvarez cured me of my skepticism. A graduate school colleague of Panar’s at the Cranbrook Academy in Michigan, Alvarez explained that Panar photographs obsessively, shooting roll after roll (yes, he still uses film), and only printing a small selection of the pictures he has taken. Panar’s photographs are really a sampling of everything he ... More » »

Euphoria, For the Rev, No. 2, oil on canvas, 60" x 72", Courtesy of Schmidt Dean Gallery

Animal stand-ins for humans – Kate Javens’ Euphoria at Schmidt Dean

It’s not surprising that Kate Javens chooses animals to represent humans. With their rich, symbolic meaning, animals allow Javens to convey qualities other than physical appearance. Javens’ series of animal portraits, Euphoria, is a memorial to Harlem community organizer Reverend Linnette C. Williamson, who is portrayed by elephants in five of the show’s nine works. In “Euphoria, For the Rev, No. 1″ and its mirror image “No.2“, painted in a cooler palette, an elephant is depicted with its mouth open and trunk flung in the air, expelling noise.  As a preacher and vocal advocate for her Harlem community, the image ... More » »

colored water in City Hall fountain.

Sunday this and that – fountains, some animal parts and a butterfly

Hello, this is a wrap up of some things I saw recently that compelled me to whip out the camera — just some amusement in pictures.  For starters, I’ve been following the colored water in the city’s fountains for years now — pink, green and blue — and so here’s a shot of the City Hall fountain last Thursday.  Note how wild and crazy the splash is at the top of this water burst — positively ebullient!  Below is a picture of another fountain, very demure by comparison, in the park behind the Upper Merion municipal building in King of ... More » »