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figure sculpture

Room for the Whole Wide World at Vox Populi

[Evan views a group exhibition rooted in photography through the lens of photographic technique and process, finding connections between seemingly unrelated works. — the artblog editors] Room for the Whole Wide World is an exercise in material and visual abstraction that uses photographic imagery and practice as its base, meandering between the flatness of an image and the dynamism of the world it represents. As I wandered the room at Vox Populi, I found it helpful to consider some of the basic and traditional elements of the photographic image and process–frame, line, texture, light, latency, exposure, and development, or less ... More » »


Nine Perspectives on Photography at the Arthur Ross Gallery

At its core, the photography exhibition currently occupying the elegant space of the Arthur Ross Gallery is a showcase for one of Penn’s proudest achievements of the last year: digitizing its photography archive. “9 Perspectives on a Photography Collection,” is drawn from Penn’s photography archive and organized around an interesting idea — that when nine photographers select the images to be exhibited the result will show the collection’s strength in its parts and in its whole. Organized by Lynn Marsden-Atlass, University Curator and Director of the Arthur Ross Gallery and Gabriel Martinez, artist and Senior Lecturer of Photography in the ... More » »

Matt Giel's endless seascape, plus a pin-up version with real t-pins and unexposed t-pin shapes on the print.

Grizzly’s first talk–Matt Giel and Alanna Lawley

Ten people can barely fit into Grizzly Grizzly under the best of circumstances. But this month, the space is seriously reduced by an installation of hanging scrolls forming a stagey backdrop with wings.

Anna Neighbor, from her Hideout series, archival inkjet prints, 32 x 40 inches each

Taking Measures–secret lives at FLUXspace

The secrets we keep from ourselves, from each other, are the subject of a terrific show at FLUXspace. At a time when the national conversation is focused on the secrets of CIA torture memos from the last administration, this show seems to reverberate beyond its specific focus on the personal secrets we all hold.

Weekly Update — Vox Populi’s Members’ Puzzles

This week’s Weekly has my review of Vox Populi’s December shows. Below is the copy with some pictures and added words. See Libby’s post for more about the show. Vox Populi’s December members’ show is a conceptual outing that—with the exception of Amy Adams’ sparse but evocative “Our Boat That Is Made of Flowers”—is totally puzzling. The newly married Adams is the former executive director of Vox and now works as the director of Fleisher-Ollman Gallery. Her installation is about power, love, war and peace, triggered by her recent honeymoon to Europe where she saw many old paintings of battle ... More » »


Innocence lost, innocence found–The Day After

untitled painting by Joe Protheroe Post-Minimalism and Post-Photoshopism and Post-Illustratorism have all joined forces to abhor the straight line and perspective, abhor the mass produced, abhor the slick perfection and abhor the uniformity that Minimalism and computer graphics–and advertising–promised. Those were the formal issues that struck me silly when I walked into Slought to see The Day After, an exhibit of work by recent MFA graduated of Penn, Tyler and PAFA. To put it another way, this show is sad and angry, a declaration of innocence lost and dreams tucked away. The Day After is literal in these students’ lives, ... More » »