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Audio Review – anonymous Shiva Linga paintings at the Arcadia University art gallery

(In this 3-minute artblog audio review, Leah Koontz talks about the meditative Shiva Linga paintings from Rajasthan, India currently on display at the Arcadia University Art Gallery. More information on that show can be found here.–the artblog editors)


artblog gets quoted on the We Sit Together (Francis Cape) book jacket-woohoo!

The artblog gets quoted on the inside cover of the new Francis Cape book!  Thanks Princeton Architectural Press!  Cape’s utopian benches project, by the way, is amazing. Go see the benches right now at Murray Guy Gallery in NYC (to Aug. 9).   Read the artblog post here.  And look for more love for the book coming soon, along with much love for a new Aperture/Fundacion Mapfre book on the phenomenal Emmet Gowin.

Tacita Dean, JG, 2013. Color and black & white anamorphic 35mm film with optical sound,
261⁄2 minutes.

Primordial and meditative – Tacita Dean’s film JG at Arcadia University Art Gallery

It’s Tacita Dean season in Philadelphia. With her six films of Merce Cunningham performing a John Cage piece, STILLNESS, at the Fabric Workshop and Museum and the debut of her new film JG at Arcadia University Art Gallery, the British-born, Berlin-based artist and champion of 16mm filmmaking makes her case for the old school methods in a pithy and beautiful work. JG could be the poster child for the slow film movement, if there was one. The 26 1/2 minute meditation on landscape, time and death and life in the natural world, unfolds like time itself, speeding up or slowing ... More » »

Jacolby Satterwhite's "The Matriarch's Rhapsody."

News post – Tacita Dean at Arcadia, NY accolades for Jacolby Satterwhite, Philly Photo Day book, opportunities and more!

News An exciting presentation of works by British artist Tacita Dean is coming to the region this month, to continue throughout the spring. To start with, Arcadia University Art Gallery is hosting Dean’s film JG, inspired by Dean’s correspondence with British author J. G. Ballard. This work employs the same technique seen in FILM, Dean’s 2011 project for Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, and uses Dean’s recently developed and patented system of aperture gate masking. The exhibition commences with a lecture by Dean, organized by Gallery Director Richard Torchia, in the Commons Great Room on February 7 at 6:30 PM. Additional events at Arcadia continue through April 21, including a lecture on ... More » »


News post – West Prize announced, free Museum Day, cooking & comedy, opportunities and more!

News The West Prize list has been announced, picked from an array of 2,650 submissions. The Philadelphia artists who have won a place in the West Collection are: Tim Portlock Joe Girandola Kim Alsbrooks Astrid Bowlby Kay Healy Tim Eads Erin Murray Colette Fu Mark Stockton Brian Richmond Additional winners include Bohyn Yoon, a Korean artist who taught at Tyler, and Tyler Held, who graduated University of the Arts in 2011. In celebration of International Museum Day, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, PAFA and the American Swedish Historical Museumare free to the public today. The PMA is open from 10:00 a.m. to ... More » »

Utopian Benches

News: The Other Art Fair, Gallatin and #Occupytheory, Art Writing at AUX, and more!

News Other Art Fair cuts out middleman The Other Art Fair launches in London on November 25 and bills itself as a direct way for artists to sell to collectors. The fair is unlike others because it allows for the 100 chosen artists to offer their work directly to the public. Artists showcase their work to collectors, curators and gallerists on their own terms, and that is definitely a unique and refreshing approach.


Book review – Ai Wei Wei: Dropping the Urn, Arcadia’s catalog for its 2010 exhibit

This is a superb book worthy of a museum. A catalog of the 2010 exhibit by the same name, the book was produced by little Arcadia University Art Gallery, whose talent always seems to match its ambitions.   With 5 essays, a great Q&A with the artist from 1995 and lots of photos, the 125-page book adds a lot to the discussion about the important Chinese dissident artist.  Ai Wei Wei, who in his interview speaks in pithy Confucian epigrams, is in fact known almost as much for his writings and dissidence as for his conceptual and epigrammatic art.

Ai Weiwei, Colored Vases, 2006, vases from the Neolithic age (5000-3000 BCE) and industrial paint from between 10 inches by diameter 9 and 14 1/2 inches by diameter 9.5,  Courtesy AW Asia collection

Clay shows begin–Ai Weiwei at Arcadia; bodies at the Mutter

Just when you thought that you were finally making headway through the riches of the Philagrafika shows, 90 clay shows and events are starting to open all around town. The multiple shows are in conjunction with the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) conference in Philadelphia from March 21 to April 3. I went to two that were early off the blocks, and they are as different as can be.

Gabriel Martinez, Untitled (Peking Ducks),"Pink" 2009, archival pigment print, 31 x 59 inches

What’s it Worth? Works on Paper at Arcadia–the show

This is part 2 of a 2 part post. Part 1 is about the talk delivered by show juror Joao Ribas. Ribas’ choices for the Arcadia Works on Paper exhibit raise issues of sharing, reproducibility and loss of copyright control. They raise disturbing questions about the value of all art at a time when works on paper have never been more highly valued.

Matt Neff's two Wu Tang Clan-inspired works, GZA 2009 letterpress, 28.5 x 20.5 inches (left); Protect Ya Neck, 2009, etching, 28.5 x 20.5 inches (right)

What’s it Worth? Works on Paper at Arcadia–the talk

The prestigious Works on Paper show at Arcadia, which opened Wednesday, raises worthy questions about the value of art objects in the year 2009.

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