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Emily Cobb, The Elk whose Antlers Wouldn't Stop Growing

Emily Cobb’s fairy tale-inspired jewelry at Philadelphia Art Alliance

IMAGINE AN ELK whose antlers sprawl upward and outward like a 10-story apartment building. Then imagine there are inhabitants of those antlers – birds and squirrels and people who built a child’s tree house and left it there. Now try to see yourself wearing “The Elk With Antlers That Never Stopped Growing,” a piece of 21st-century art jewelry that encircles your head and neck like a whimsical bramble bush. To witness this 3-D fairy-tale object and others equally fantastical, head to the Philadelphia Art Alliance for “Legends,” a show of visionary jewelry made by 25-year-old Emily Cobb, who designs her ... More » »

Kelli Connell, Double Life, Carnival.  Image courtesy of the artist's website

Andrea Modica and Kelli Connell – Storytelling photographs at Gallery 339

When portrait photographers are storytellers, their images are often best seen in series such as an exhibition or book where the cumulative effect of the work builds a loose narrative. Andrea Modica’s “Best Friends” and Kelli Connell’s “Double Life” at Gallery 339 (21st Street near Pine) are cases in point. These beautiful and compelling photographs create narratives about relationships and the nature of portrayals. The show is an inspired pairing. Modica, an associate professor in the photography program at Drexel University, bought her first camera in high school with money she’d earned frying chicken at a fast-food restaurant. Today, the ... More » »

One of the collection galleries, upstairs, at the new Barnes on the Parkway

Special exhibitions at the Barnes – art for art education

This weekend, all eyes are focused on the Parkway as the Barnes Foundation marks the opening of its new building and the arrival of its extraordinary art collection to Philadelphia. Of course the biggest change for the Barnes — founded in 1922 by Albert C. Barnes as an art and education institution — is its move from a secluded residential road in Lower Merion to the city’s grandest avenue. But another change has been overlooked in the excitement: The new Barnes comes with a 5,000-square-foot special-exhibition gallery that is in some ways as important as the building and the collection. ... More » »

Judith Schaechter, detail, from The Fight Between Carnival and Lent

Judith Schaechter’s stained glass and Tyler Held’s incarcerated car at Eastern State Prison

Artist Judith Schaechter‘s stained-glass windows are lauded throughout the world for their beauty, decorative charm, and edgy take on the darker aspects of the human condition. This month’s debut of 17 new pieces at Eastern State Penitentiary is the Philadelphia-based artist’s return to the local spotlight with her first solo exhibition here in 10 years. Working with the nonprofit preservation group behind Eastern State Penitentiary, the artist pushed herself to create an ambitious piece in a large archway above a door in Cellblock 11. “The Battle of Carnival and Lent” contains 90 human figures in a complex composition that depicts ... More » »

Laura Heyman's photos of Haiti are at PPAC this month

Group hug – Togetherness in Philadelphia’s photo community

Stephen Perloff is plugged in to Philadelphia’s photo world via his esteemed quarterly publication, The Photo Review. A self-taught photographer with a graduate degree in history, he made himself invaluable to photographers and photo lovers, covering all aspects of photography in his journal and turning that publication into a virtual Philadelphia photo center — a place to read about exhibitions; read interviews with artists; and find the latest opportunities. Perloff launched the Photo Review in 1976, and he characterized that era in Philadelphia as a golden age for photography. As for the current photo scene, “We’re getting back to the ... More » »