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Paradigm Gallery's new line of wearable art, featuring works by Kelly Kozma and others. Photo courtesy of Paradigm Gallery.

News post – Ed Sozanski passes away, an Art Star gets hitched to Paradigm’s wagon, Minich + Dubinskis in Maine, opportunities, and more.

News   Philly lost one of its strongest voices for visual arts on Tuesday when Inquirer art critic Ed Sozanski passed away suddenly at his Gladwyne home. At age 77, he had been at his post for over thirty years. Stephan Salisbury’s obituary of Sozanski captures the sharp, sanguine way he saw art changing our city. In the next couple of months, Kelly Kozma is taking off in a big way. She’s now represented by Paradigm Gallery & Studio, whose co-founders, Sara McCorriston & Jason Chen, are moving to a new space on the NW corner of 4th & Fitzwater. ... More » »


News post – in memory of Terry Adkins, Zoe Strauss auction by FPA, Dom Streater takes to NYFW, opportunities and more.

News   Sad news from over the weekend: Terry Adkins passed away at the age of sixty. Finding a starting point for his achievements is difficult, but he was one of our most treasured artists, not to mention an extremely gifted professor at Penn who taught and influenced lots of us. There are numerous articles on artblog about him, in addition to notes of remembrance from Gallerist NY and PennDesign. Look for his latest work, three-dimensional representations of bird songs made from cymbals and percussion instruments at this year’s Whitney Biennial 2014 (March 7 – May 25, 2014). Becca Jennings, press contact at ... More » »

A still from the Philadelphia episode of Streetosphere. Photo: Justin Tyner.

News post – Andrew Jeffrey Wright’s comics come to artblog, Streetosphere Philly style, Diane Burko show & lecture, opportunities and more!

News Space 1026 co-founder and Andrew Jeffrey Wright is debuting a new line of comics on artblog beginning next week!  Look for bananazz coming soon, and in the meantime keep up with all things AJW on Twitter and Tumblr. Several Philly street artists are featured in episode 14 of Streetosphere, the French production that chronicles street art everywhere. NoseGo, Ishknits and Justin Tyner (who brought this to our collective attentions) are the artists documented. One moment that we hopefully haven’t forgotten, Ishknits’ infamous yarn-bomb bikini for Frank Rizzo, is included in the piece. Nicole Krom gets a major congrats this week on her new position at Longwood Gardens! As ... More » »

Moe Brooker
The Inside Story
Oil and Mixed Media on panel 
36" x 36"
courtesy of the Sande Webster Gallery, Philadelphia and June Kelly Gallery, New York

News post – Mural Arts on NBC, Moe Brooker in NYC, Art Star hit the road, opportunities and more!

News And now for something a bit different for the Barnes. This Sunday, artists Odili Odita, Anne Schaefer, and John Gatti speak on a panel on abstraction at the Barnes Foundation, this Sunday at 2 pm. This is the first of three such talks planned by the Barnes over the summer, addressing abstraction; subsequent panels plan to get into “Art on the Wall/Art as the Wall (with Alex Baker, Joe Boruchow, and TBD); and Art in Public Places (Larry Becker, Moe Brooker, and Michelle Ortiz). The dates are 6/16, 7/21, and 8/25. Each panel is free, with advance reservation required. ... More » »


Lots of News!

News Philadelphia Museum of Art highlights ten local artists Starting September 10, the PMA will host Here and Now: Prints, Drawings, and Photographs by Ten Philadelphia Artists.

Weekly Update 2 – Cute is all around us

This week’s Weekly has my holiday roundup story on the cute in art. Below is the copy with some pictures. More photos at flickr.Aw-some ArtDevil monkeys, crocheted skulls and heartbreak made achingly sweet. Cute is the current art darling, pushed mostly by young artists but also some midcareer folks like Jeff Koons, who knew before the rest of us that irony would one day turn stale. Koons’ Puppy—a massive Chia Pet seen ’round the world—was loved by the general public and art insiders alike. Its arrival signaled that cute puppies were in and sourpusses could take a hike. Matthew Porter, ... More » »

Sweet boutique art–a girl group at Art Star

Merrilee Challiss, Web Weaver, unique, hand-screened & stitched on Mr. French Paper Art Star, the little boutique up on Liberty Walk in Northern Liberties, continues to show good examples of what I like to think of as Goth Kitsch. But the show that’s up right now by Merrilee Challiss has some work that stands out. I especially liked her stitched prints. The printed image is a multiple, but the stitching for each print is unique, sewing the layers of paper together and thereby suggesting family heirlooms–something we need to value and protect all at once. Merrilee Challiss, Web Dwellers, mixed ... More » »

What we want to see Friday…and Thursday, too

Let’s start with Thursday: THURSDAY, SEPT. 6 Eileen Neff, at ICA and Locks Gallery Circle in the Rain, 2007 C-print mounted on aluminum 15 x 28 ½ inches Courtesy of the artist and Locks Gallery, Philadelphia ICA118 S. 36th St. Philadelphia215.898.7108Opening reception — free and open to the public — Thursday, Sept. 6, 6-8 pm. We’re going to listen to Guest-Curator Christian Marclay‘s melody makers–a world class ensemble of noise makers at ICA. From local music sculptor Terry Adkins to Doug Aitken to Yoko Ono, the sonic show will make a boom! Upstairs, local photographer Eileen Neff who captures trees ... More » »