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News post – Little Berlin gets on Groupon, congrats to Florcy Morisset, Swenbeck & Carpenter, WHYY Connections Fest, opportunities and more!

News Right there at the forefront of crowd-sourced fundraising, Little Berlin is using Groupon to raise money for its next mission: benches for its Fair Grounds project. And not just any old benches – they’re seeking donations of $10 or more for $1000, going towards hand-crafting five benches with the help of local artists and designers. The campaign is up for seven days, from August 20-26 – so if you haven’t already donated, act fast! For more info and access to the Groupon page visit Little Berlin’s Tumblr. Junot Diaz, author of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and winner of ... More » »


News – Jason Lazarus, Knapp Gallery closing, Richard Torchia at CENTERpieces, and curators, curators, curators

News Jason Lazarus will take your unwanted photos Do you have photos that are too painful to keep around? If so, Chicago-based artist Jason Lazarus will take them.  He’s collecting unwanted photos for an art installation. There’s no need to provide the background for the photos, and if you feel they are too private to be shown, the artist will display them face down. Lazarus can pick them up on Sunday February 5 from 10 AM – 7 PM. E-mail him at jasonlazarus.photo@gmail.com or call 312-953-2885. Knapp Gallery closing Old City’s Knapp Gallery is closing up shop at the end of ... More » »


News Roundup: Knight Arts Challenge, LOOK! Lancaster Ave, new Barnes logo

News Philadelphia Knight Arts Challenge Year 2 The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation is opening up their second year of applications for the Philadelphia Knight Arts Challenge. They are investing $9 million over three years in ideas that engage and enrich Philadelphia arts and culture. In the first year, 36 ideas were awarded a total of $2.7 million… including artblog’s own Art Safaris! Applications for the Knight Arts Challenge will be accepted from October 3 – 31, 2011. Be sure to visit the Knight Arts website on October 3 to find out how to submit your idea!

Tim Greene

News: Black cartoonists, punk rock, grants, and more

Free workshops at black comix convention The 10th Annual East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention is back! Philadelphia will again host the convention on May 21 at The Crown Plaza Hotel on 1800 Market Street from 10 am – 7 pm.

Candace Karsh, Bambi proprietress, looking so very happy at the opening.

Bambi people — snapshots from the Bambi Biennial opening

It was a beautiful way to start the holiday weekend — with a people-filled opening. Two artists selected for the Bambi Biennial came from as far away as New Orleans and Oklahoma City. And both of them flew in for the opening. Hugh Meade, from Oklahoma City, was looking to meet artists with whom he could talk about exchanging shows between Philly and his city, which he says is full of great art and lots of artists. The other flyer, Alissa Eberle, recently moved to NOLA from New York, so she took a detour to the Big Apple before showing ... More » »

Two links worth your while

Print subscriptions Andrew Jeffrey Wright’s print subscription business is laid out in A.D. Amorosi’s story today in the Inky on an artist finding an alternative way to sell. Turns out it has historical precedentsl. Worth reading down to the final quote for Wright’s mordant wit. (For more on prints and making money, Andrea had something about Durer selling prints to support his travels in her latest post–the one about What in the World, directly below this one). Some clarity on the Barnes This column by Bernard Watson, The March 7, 2010 Philadelphia Inquirer tells the true story (as opposed to ... More » »

Rendering of one of the communal spaces in the new Barnes on the Parkway

Barnes — Art in a curatorial stranglehold

By Sue Spaid For the past three years, I have followed the debate surrounding the Barnes Foundation’s move from Merion to Benjamin Franklin Parkway with great interest. October 12th’s discussion on Marty Moss Coane’s radio show with architecture critics Inga Saffron and Nicolai Ouroussof inspired this editorial.  There seems to be a great confusion about what the Barnes Foundation is.

Rendering of Public Arbor and Fountain Plaza.  Picture from the Barnes website.

Barnes design–We love it!

It’s no news that we on artblog are for the move of the Barnes to the Parkway. We’re excited about the new design and can barely contain ourselves…even though it does look a little like the Youth Study Center (just kidding). It looks a little like the Paul Phillipe Cret Barnes building in Merion, too. So stop whining everybody…neighbors and Robert Venturi alike. Here is architecture critic Inga Saffron’s review of the building in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer. Lots of video and pictures and links at this site too.  Check out the full press release and copious images at the Barnes ... More » »

Barnes — signs of life on the Parkway

If there’s any doubt that the Barnes Foundation is really moving to Philadelphia here’s news — there are signs on the Parkway now that mark the territory in no uncertain terms. BARNES ON THE PARKWAY they say in a most declarative manner. There’s cyclone fencing behind the S-shaped billboards…and a contractor’s trailer is already there as well. The billboards are both highly corporate (slick with great graphics) and also a little Barnesian idiosyncratic, with blow-up photos of the Barnes’ storied walls and quotes from Dr. Barnes about art and Everyman. The names of the architects,Tod Williams and Billie Tsien appear ... More » »

Giving up the battle, episode 1 and episode 2

Episode 1: Government drops case against Steven Kurtz, Critical Art Ensemble artist accused of being a bioterrorist From artnet, the so-called bioterrorist artist Steven Kurtz, a member of the activist organization Critical Art Ensemble, had his indictment dismissed for insufficient evidence. Government prosecutors did not appeal within the required 30 days so the case is over. Read a very succinct synopsis of the whole messy ugly story here. We’ve been following this human rights story on artblog since 2004. Read posts here, here and here. An exhibition exploring Kurtz’s art project that caused the government to go bananas is on ... More » »

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