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The 3:00 Book

Letter press

Spotlight on The Soapbox, an independent publishing center

[Dre zeroes in on a community publishing center that gives locals the resources to design, print, and distribute their ideas. She also names a few local zine libraries–a relative rarity in which Philadelphia is rich. — the artblog editors] When The Soapbox’s cofounders Mary Tasillo and Charlene Kwon met at West Philly staple the Satellite Cafe, the seed of the idea of having a community-based print shop and publishing center was planted. The two had been put in touch by Jude Robison of the Philadelphia Center for the Book, back in 2009. Following strong intuitive energies, Tasillo and Kwon decided to buy a ... More » »


The 3:00 Book

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The 3:00 Book


Comic Caption Contest Winners

[Live from our guest editors this month, the Nicola Midnight St. Claire, it’s artblog’s very first comic-captioning contest! The contest winners were eyeball-selected by cartoon authors Beth Heinly and Andrew Jeffrey Wright. Congratulations to Jayna and Derek, and thanks to everyone who submitted! — the artblog editors]

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The 3:00 Book

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The 3:00 Book

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The 3:00 Book

black and white comic

Cartoon Caption Contest – Beth Heinly

Introducing the Cartoon Caption Contest! Just like the New Yorker’s famous weekly ultra geek sport we are asking Artblog readers from around the globe to submit their best captions for comics created by Beth Heinly and Andrew Jeffrey Wright. The winning caption will be picked by the cartoonist and reposted on the Artblog at the end of April. Submit your caption below by April 22. Happy captioning! –Nicola, the guest editor Loading…

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The 3:00 Book

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