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Chuck Patch

Common Ground – New Orleans Photo Alliance Takes It to the Street with five photographers

Ever worry about being caught in a tourist’s stray photo? You can lay that fear to rest. What you really have to worry about is street photographers—those seemingly innocuous documentarians roaming your city with Nikons and Leicas, ready to turn your mundanest of moments into a social commentary. Case in point: “Common Ground: New American Street Photography,” now on view at the New Orleans Photo Alliance until March 23. Curated by Stephen McLaren, “Common Ground” showcases the work of contemporary American street photographers Jack Simon, Bryan Formhals, Chuck Patch, Blake Andrews, and Richard Bram. Armed with his camera of choice, ... More » »

William Rugen, photo from the "group show" section of LPV Magazine, issue 1

LPV Magazine – curated photo exhibit coming to your mailbox

When is a magazine not a magazine? Maybe when it’s got so many good things in it you don’t throw it away. Or maybe when it looks more like a book than a magazine.