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News post – Drew Leshko at DCCA, Dr. Judith Rodin at Moore, NoseGo returns to Old City, opportunities and more!

News It’s been long enough! NoseGo (Yis Goodwin) returns to Arch Enemy Arts for his first solo hometown show in two years. Invisible Village opens Friday, January 23 and runs through March 1. Moore College of Art and Design is honoring the very deserving Dr. Judith Rodin, president of the Rockefeller Foundation and author of The Resilience Dividend: Being Strong in a World Where Things Go Wrong, with the 2015 Edmund M. Bacon Prize on February 18. School of Visual Arts is presenting a phenomenal roster for its spring 2015 Art in the First Person lecture series, all of which are free and open to the public. If you’re ... More » »

New work by Jim Houser from his Milan solo show. Photo courtesy of

News post – Moore’s Galleries get Mohawks, Jim Houser in Italy, Slought and n+1 take on “World Lite,” opportunities and more!

News   Updates from the busy studio of Erin Murray: she’s got new work up! Her latest is a suitably austere composition for these dark days of winter.  Somewhere between the Starbucks stranglehold and the glut of fashion brands thinly disguised as yoga studios, “world literature” has picked up its own reputation for being, of all things, commoditized, homogenized and overly feel-good. How did we come to this? The Slought Foundation is hosting “What’s Wrong With World Literature?”, a talk on January 30 with the editors of n+1 magazine, who put out “World Lite” last August and generated a staggering amount of criticism ... More » »

Allison Syvertsen, "Playground I (Island." Gouache on panel, 14" x 16".

Two Urban Perspectives – Allison Syvertsen and Benjamin Gallman at Cerulean Arts

You’d be forgiven for thinking, as I did, when first entering Cerulean Arts and letting my eyes slide from Allison Syvertsen’s “Forsythia” to Benjamin Gallman’s “Untitled 5” (both on the immediate left), that both pieces were paintings, and both were by the same artist. It’s not an accident, thanks to the exhibition’s deft mise-en-scene and the fact that Syvertsen and Gallman are married, that these two pieces ended up next to each other. “Untitled 5″ is a shot of a wall hastily painted gray, with patches of irregularity highlighted by the camera flash. “Forsythia” is a view of a sun-dappled, ... More » »

Atomic Playground

Nikolay Milushev at Cerulean

The aptly named Cerulean Arts (the outside is a lovely shade of blue) is showing work by Nikolay Milushev now until May 5. The Bulgarian artist moved to the United States back in 2001 to study at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and continues to live and make his colorful and socially-charged art in  in Philly. Among the works displayed in the gallery, Milushev has some older pieces as well as new work and a number of pages from sketchbooks, which led to the final versions. One piece entitled “Atomic Playground” demonstrates Milushev’s illustrative style rather well. The work ... More » »

‘Painting Truck for Don Kaiser’ (recto); made on the occasion of his retirement

Caution: Art in Here; Group Exhibition by PMA Art Handlers at Cerulean Arts

It’s no surprise that good artists know other good artists; curators and gallerists always turn to artists for recommendations. Nor is it surprising that artists fill the ranks of museum art handlers. Art handlers are almost exclusively artists, as are many behind the scenes museum workers; all but curators, for some reason. What is a surprise is how strong and varied the exhibition is that Hiro Sakaguchi organized of work by thirteen of his colleagues at the Philadelphia Museum of Art ( PMA), showing at Cerulean Arts through June 18. It’s a good indication of how pluralistic the current art ... More » »

Silent Mayhem at Heaven’s Gate

Post by Lisa Hanson  Yuri MakoveychukHeaven’s Gateoil on canvas 30 x 48 When I hear the phrase “Heaven’s Gate,” I immediately think of St. Peter amongst clouds and the grandeur of a pearly white entrance into bliss. Yuri Makoveychuk clearly has a different image in his mind. His exhibition at Cerulean Arts depicts eerily quiet scenes in which a sense of pandemonium tries to break through a monochromatic palette. In his artistic statement, he acknowledges that Heaven’s Gate may also allude to the religious cult of the same name. This group is notorious for their 1997 mass suicide that coincided ... More » »

Find an audience; sell art

Things are changing in the art world–the very art world that shot itself in the foot when it decided to be so esoteric that only art professionals could make any sense of what they were looking at. Locally, that’s reflected in who is buying art these days. First of all, lots of young people are buying low-priced emerging artists. And secondly, broader national and international audiences have gotten in touch with what’s here through the internet and the art fairs. Ask most local gallery owners, and get this confirmed–their big sales are mostly out of town. Cerulean Gallery has decided ... More » »

Weekly Update 1 – Two symbol painters

This week’s Weekly has my review of two painting shows: Jaime Treadwell at Cerulean and P. Timothy Gierschick‘s at Green Line Powelton. Below is the copy with some pictures. More photos at flickr. And see Libby’s posts here and here. X SymbolsTwo Philly painters play the subconscious like a banjo. The most successful artists use symbolism in an elliptical or ambiguous manner that allows humans to do what they do best—decode the subtext. Humans are natural decoders; we’ve been interpreting signs since the cradle. It’s not for nothing that car ads feature beautiful women caressing or looking longingly at the ... More » »

Jaime Treadwell at Cerulean

Jaime Treadwell, The End Neo-Pink, Jaime Treadwell’s one-man show at Cerulean Arts Gallery, combines off-the-hook oil painting technique with a post-Apocalyptic world in cotton candy pink. The lipsticky desolate landscapes with overturned vehicles and used-car-lot pennants or blobs of falling oobleck are sad and interesting. They have a sense of Mad Max finding his way through what’s left and making the best of things. Jaime Treadwell, Alone II The peopled images are another story, even though they are peopling the same sort of milieu. There’s something unnatural about them. The perfect, but hard-eyed children with their camouflage vests and antenna-topped ... More » »


Weekly Update 2 – Sarah Roche at Cerulean

This week’s Weekly has my review of Sarah Roche’s exhibit at Cerulean Arts. Below is the copy and see more pictures at my flickr set. From Dust Till Dawn Sarah Roche draws from her experience as a museum cleaner Sepia-toned painting by Sarah Roche. Looking through a glass vitrine at the objects and window in a room at the PMA. By day Sarah Roche dusts and polishes precious objects in the Art Museum’s multimillion-dollar collection. By night she creates paintings and sculptures that translate her museum maintenance staff experiences into moody dreamscapes that evoke Alice’s descent down the rabbit hole. ... More » »