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Marc Newson, Ford 021C Concept Car, 1999.  Check the snub nose and square lines - way ahead of its time!

February – Cold outside but hot inside, a belated First Friday photo post

First Friday started early for Libby and me with a trip to the Perelman Building at the PMA with Collab board president Vesna Todorovicz Sacks, who showed us the Collab 2013 Design Excellence Award show of Australian designer Marc Newson. ┬áNot only is the work a delight — playful, colorful, sleek and clean, the design of the show itself is very cool. ┬áLike an exploded 3D version of a model home, the show features a garage with a Ford Concept Car, a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and bath–a highly engaging little pad to dream yourself into. The Australian designer, ... More » »

On fish and letting things go — Frank Gehry gets the Collab Design Excellence award

Photo of Frank Gehry, Sept. 2003. From architecture website Frank Gehry received the 2008 Collab Design Excellence Award at the PMA Nov. 7, the day before his exhibit in the Perelman Building, “Design Process and the Lewis House,” opened. The white-haired architect, 79, known for his billowing-shaped Titanium-clad Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and other experimental works (including early corrugated cardboard furniture) showed slides and spoke about his work after receiving the Collab award — a mobius-strip-shaped pink object that he held this way and that after it was given to him, puzzling out its unusual shape. (The award was shaped that ... More » »

Perelman Chronicles-square footage galore

The Exhibition Gallery (no name? waiting for a sponsor perhaps?) which now houses a show of sculpture. At 4,020 sq. ft, the new Exhibition Gallery in the Perelman Building –the one with the sculpture exhibit — is one of the biggest exhibit spaces in the city. The ICA’s cavern is undoubedtly bigger — but it has such a different feel I don’t want to compare it. What this space does resembe, in its generous rectangular space uninterrupted by support columns, is the Icebox Project Space at the Crane, which, at 5,000 sq. ft. is just a little bit bigger. The ... More » »