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Makers – Collaboration in the age of new technology

[Katie reports from the UK, where she gets a taste of the “maker movement” encouraging everyone to take a hands-on interest in the creation of products and technologies. — the artblog editors] Today’s world seems to be filled with brand-new technologies, invented and reinvented at lightning speeds by the youngest of experts. The maker movement can be broadly defined as a group taking a DIY approach to these new technologies, prioritising the asking of questions and free experimentation in a culture of very hands-on creation. Collaborative workshops known as “hackspaces” are popping up all over, filled with making equipment and ... More » »

Fernand Léger ‘The City’ (1919) o/c, 7'7" x 9'9.5" PMA, Gallatin Collection

Romancing the Machine – Léger, Modern Art and the Metropolis at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

(Andrea calls the just-opened Leger show at the PMA a fascinating and dynamic exhibition that captures perfectly the early 20th Century optimism about cities and industry.) Léger, Modern Art and the Metropolis at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) through January 5, 2014, is pervaded with an optimism about industrialization and urbanization at a time, centered on the 1920s, when they were seen as the answer, not the problem, for twentieth-century society. It opens with a wall-sized projection of a film taken by Thomas Edison as he ascends the Eiffel Tower, viewing Paris through its cage of industrial steel. The ... More » »


Collaboration is the basis for anti-violence project, One Year, at the Rotunda

—>Rachel’s post delves into a year-long anti-violence project in which artists of MamaCITA collective collaborated with Mothers in Charge to create a project to memorialize the deaths by homicide in Philadelphia in 2012. –the artblog editors——————–> The twisted-wire vessels — 331 of them — are suspended from metal rods, with their shadows projected onto streams of white cloth behind them that cascade to the floor. The vessels’ dark wires create linear journeys of angles, curves, hurdles and loops, manifesting into intricate casings of sculptural form. Three hundred and thirty-one documented homicides took place in Philadelphia in 2012; 331 lives were lost. ... More » »

Within Mirrors

Within Mirrors – Successful collaboration of short films by Paul Clipson with Sound by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

It is not uncommon for the current generation of experimental and noise musicians to incorporate film into their performances. Oftentimes, the moving images feel arbitrarily chosen, as if selected merely to give the audience something to look at during performances in which the artists remain static. In rare instances, however, the relationship of abstract music to the film images with which it is paired is a symbiotic one, each informing and complementing the other. Such is the case on “Within Mirrors,” a DVD collection of seven short films, originally released between 2005 and 2008, by Paul Clipson featuring music by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. ... More » »


The quintessence of collaboration – Damon Kowarsky and Atif Khan in Hybrid at Twelve Gates Arts

To create a hybrid means to capture and combine two seemingly different things to fashion one new cohesive thing. For example, look at a grapple. This hybrid fruit was genetically modified to combine the tastes of sour grapes and sweet apples- totally different flavors but somehow, they go well together. At Twelve Gates Arts, Australian artist Damon Kowarsky and Pakistani artist Atif Khan combine their two distinctive backgrounds and flavors to create the artistic version of a grapple. This harmonious display of collaborative work is aptly entitled, “Hybrid.” For 11 months, the two men exchanged a total of twenty sketches ... More » »

Marcel Duchamp ‘The Bride Stripped bare by her Batchelors, Even’ (1915-23), oil, varnish, lead wire, lead foil, dust, glass, PMA

Dancing Around the Bride at the PMA

Dancing Around the Bride at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA)through Jan. 21, 2013 is an extraordinary, multi-dimensional exploration of a significant period in American art history. While the ideas it presents are hardly new, the sensitive installation, designed by the artist, Philippe Parreno, emphasizes the multi-disciplinary nature of the mutual personal and artistic influences among Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns. This is an exhibition as Gesamkunstwerk, and it offers the best, possible understanding of the interconnected, artistic experimentation in New York City in the late 1950s-1960s. Parreno’s installation pivots around a low, platform ... More » »

Cindi Ettinger shows a print by Daniel Heyman, made in her C. R. Ettinger Studio

Cindi Ettinger of C.R. Ettinger Studio talks about traditional printing in the digital age, an artblog radio podcast interview

Master printer Cindi Ettinger created C. R. Ettinger Studio in 1982. Over the years the master printer and University of the Arts graduate has made prints in her small studio in Old City with the who’s who of Philadelphia artists. In this podcast, Ettinger talks about how digital technology is having an impact on her field of traditional printmaking, and on how she collaborates with artists to make print a print. There are lots of crunchy details about the printing world in this lively podcast. Here’s the full podcast interview: Right click to download 16 min. interview with Cindi Ettinger Below ... More » »

Cindi Ettinger, at her studio in Old City

Master printer Cindi Ettinger on working with artists – next week on artblog radio

Cindi Ettinger created C. R. Ettinger Studio in 1982 after working for a print studio in New York and deciding she’d like to open her own studio in Philadelphia.  Over the years the master printer and University of the Arts graduate has made prints in her small studio in Old City, with the who’s who of Philadelphia artists. In this short clip from our interview, Ettinger talks about how artists like the collaborative aspect of making a print with her.  Among other things, collaborating with Ettinger gives an artist someone to bounce ideas off of and think a project through.  The ... More » »

Dufala brothers on artblog radio – collaboration, rivalry and making things

This episode sponsored by Bridgette Mayer Gallery Brothers Steven and Billy Blaise Dufala grew up making things and making music.  In this episode they talk about their collaboration and about music- and art-making. Below is the 30-second sample clip. And below that is the full 15-minute interview. Right click to download 30-second sample of the Dufala podcast