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Two books on Matisse and Picasso from the Museum of Modern Art

[Andrea praises two recent volumes detailing Matisse’s cut-out works, and 15 of Picasso’s early Cubist works, respectively, and enjoys the depth provided by the second book’s e-book format. — the artblog editors] Art historians working in museums, as opposed to those in academe, are always aware that the artworks they deal with are things–embodied, resulting from a series of decisions made by the artist, and subject to subsequent change. The literature on art, both academic and in museum catalogs, has not always acknowledged this physical reality, but fortunately it is becoming more common. Two recent publications from the Museum of ... More » »


Books for holiday giving, part II

[Andrea continues her gift recommendations for art lovers. — the artblog editors] Inside Nick Cave’s “Soundsuits” Nick Cave: Epitome (Prestel: Munich, London, New York), ISBN 978-3791349169, $65 Nick Cave’s performative sculptures, which he calls “Soundsuits,” disguise their wearers and transform them into extravagant creatures of the artist’s imagination. The fact that many of them maintain evidence of the homey materials that Cave employs–including twigs, baskets, crocheted potholders, woven straw handbags, stuffed toys, and small ceramic figurines, as well as pipe cleaners, buttons, sequins, and beads–only makes his creations more magical, emphasizing Cave’s ability to discern the extravagant and theatrical potential of ... More » »


COLLAGE by Eric Kennedy at Pterodactyl Philadelphia

[Evan reviews a show of old and new work by artist Eric Kennedy, and examines the direction in which Kennedy seems to be heading. — the artblog editors] COLLAGE, a solo exhibition by Eric Kennedy at Pterodactyl Philadelphia, is a showcase of the artist’s explorations in very basic visual elements–texture, form, and color. To label the pieces themselves as basic would not be fitting, however, as Kennedy at his best achieves a remarkable degree of subtlety and depth. Intricate textures beg a closer look These works exist in Pterodactyl in a somewhat cluttered and disjointed fashion–most likely thanks to the space the ... More » »

Southern men accused of a race murder

From the vault — January 2007 — Rosalyn Drexler at Pace-Wildenstein

[In celebration of artblog’s 10-year anniversary in 2013, we’re bringing you posts from the past. Here, Roberta raves about a 2007 retrospective of pop artist Rosalyn Drexler’s work — the artblog editors] Painter of pop noir, Rosalyn Drexler, whose collage paintings from the 1960s blew us away when they appeared at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery in 2004, is having a solo show at Pace Wildenstein Gallery [which returned to being the Pace Gallery in 2010]! This is excellent news for all who are interested in correcting art history’s record and including strong artists like Drexler who were overlooked the first time around. I interviewed Drexler ... More » »

Hope Kroll, That should do it. 2012. 12 x 17 inches, on vintage book paper.

Letter From Paris – Four great shows you might have missed and two American friends come to visit

(Our Paris correspondent, Matthew Rose, wraps up 2013 giving a shout out to some shows he saw and some work by Americans who visited him in Paris.–the artblog editors.) Best Mail Art show: Correspondence at Louis Vuitton Espace Culturel Correspondences (1 Feb – 5 May), an exhibition of mail art that brought together nearly a dozen artists who have scribbled and stamped away at the postal canvas for years: Ray Johnson, Eleanor Antin, Alighiero Boetti, Jan Dibbets as well as others with interests in networks and packaging – Stephen Antonakos’ works were featured outside (see photo) the building in the ... More » »

Alphabet Book, gloss paper/accordion binding. Each “page” is made up of letters cut out from magazines, in alphabetical order.

Reimagining lines – Ruth Scott Blackson’s woven, drawn, and manufactured pieces

The simplest ideas are often the strongest, Ruth Scott Blackson says of her artistic approach. And several works in her exhibition Line After Line, up now at 110 Church Gallery, show just how rich the results of a humble inspiration can be. Some of Blackson’s drawings, weavings, collages and objects resemble the complex Op art of Philadelphia’s Edna Andrade, while others have the labor-intensive heft of a Vija Celmins  piece, but Blackson’s works possess a playful spirit that is all her own, and which may come from her background in performance and video art. A bookbinder by trade, Blackson has recently begun to move away from ... More » »

Ken Price ‘Pastel’ (1995) 14.5x15x14 in., © Ken Price, photo: Frederik Nilson

Beautiful, thoughtful catalogs – Ken Price, Arnold Mesches, and Wangechi Mutu

–>Andrea tells us about three catalogs whose great design, solid writing and copious illustrations make them a great read and a great encounter with the work. –the artblog editors————————–> Stefanie Barron with Lauren Bergman Ken Price; A Retrospective (Delmonico Books, Prestel, New York and Munich in association with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art: 2012) ISBN: 978-3-7913-5255-8 This catalog, published by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)   is one of the most beautiful art monographs I’ve ever seen, quite beyond the extraordinary, if under-known, work of its subject. West coast artist Ken Price’s first, solo museum exhibition ... More » »

Deb Sokolow, All Your Vulnerabilities Will Be Assessed, detail

Hilarious paranoia in Deb Sokolow’s All Your Vulnerabilities Will Be Assessed at Moore

First impressions help to define our interactions with people and things. Usually, first impressions guide a person as to how a relationship (whether personal or professional) will progress. For example, if I wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt to a job interview, chances are I won’t be getting that job. This being said, my first impression of Deb Sokolow’s show was a bit off the mark. Sokolow’s abstract collage works rely heavily on narrative for their impact. This is not a show one can comprehend at first glance. Entering the room, I was taken aback by the stark presentation. Her works ... More » »


Shelley Spector Working at NextFab and Sarah McEneaney at Tibor de Nagy

  NextFab is a high-tech shop in West Philadelphia that enables architects, industrial designers, and artists to create prototypes or small runs of products. Its staff of twenty includes engineers, designers, electronics specialists, photographers, and others who are available for training and technical help. I met Shelley Spector there last week to see what she’s been doing during the past six months that she’s had a residency at NextFab through Breadboard, an organization at the University City Science Center that promotes community outreach around technology and manages the Esther Klein Gallery, among other projects. Any artist who makes ‘things’ that ... More » »

John Stezaker, Underworld XV, 2011, collage, 7.1 x 9.9 inches

British artist John Stezaker at Rosenwald-Wolf

The moodiness of collage nearly overwhelms the show of work by John Stezaker at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery in his show The Nude and Landscape. But then the sharpness of Stezaker’s intelligence and eye pull it back from the brink, seducing with beauty, complexities, surprises and ideas.

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