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Books on new approaches to art and its institutions, part II

[Andrea reviews two more books; one focuses on artists who eschew the market completely, while another focuses on the effects of travel and displacement on art-making and curation. Read her first installment here. — the artblog editors] Purposefully missing the market While most artists support themselves with work beyond the art market, this book is about those who have chosen, as their art practice, not to produce objects that circulate within a market economy. It is an extremely welcome and well-researched survey that should be of great interest to both artists, and scholars who are concerned with alternatives to the current winner-takes-all, ... More » »


Barefoot Artist Lily Yeh’s new documentary movie due out this year

Note: this article was written as part of Art Attack, the Philadelphia Daily News-Drexel University arts writing partnership, which recently ended before this story was published. Born in China in 1941, artist Lily Yeh experienced first-hand the ravages of that country’s civil war when her family became refugees, fleeing to Taiwan as the communists took over.  That personal story and the story of Yeh’s global art activism with communities from North Philadelphia to Rwanda and China is the subject of a new documentary film, The Barefoot Artist, now in post-production and ready for viewing later this year. Co-directed by Yeh’s ... More » »

Temple Contemporary was packed.

Ashley Hunt – Art, Participation and Social Engagement, a talk at Temple Contemporary

“The most important thing art can do is create a conversation between people in a room.” Martha Rosler’s quote would appear to be an inspiration for artist Ashley Hunt and his talk at Temple Contemporary on September 10. The gallery was packed with professors, students, and art enthusiasts ready to engage in the discussion. “Questions of Art, Participation, and Social Engagement” was a conversation between Ashley Hunt, Philip Glahn, Associate Professor of Critical Studies and Aesthetics at Tyler and the audience. Glahn posed questions and led the discussion. The evening was planned as a discussion in four parts, but with ... More » »


Commotion Festival June 16-30 – The Redevelopment Authority’s Risk-Taking Temporary Public Art Project

Commotion is a six-month project directed by John J. H. Phillips for University of the Arts (U Arts).  Funded under  the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (RDA),  it involved a course for U Arts students, seven professional artists in various art forms (including writing, dance and theater), workshops with residents of Grays Ferry, Point Breeze, and South of South Street, two artists as workshop leaders and a large number of technical staff. The funding for Commotion was generated by PECO‘s construction of a power station in Grays Ferry; following legislation in 1959, any private developer who obtains property through the RDA must ... More » »

Suzanne Lacy, with Leslie Labowitz 'Three Weeks in May' (1977)

Suzanne Lacy in Print and in Person; from the Feminist Studio Workshop and the Women’s Building to Otis College of Art and Design

I finished reading the collected writings of Suzanne Lacy  (see below) on the plane to the 100th Annual Meeting of the  College Art Association (CAA) , held from Feb. 22-25 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I was excited that I would finally see the artist in action.  Lacy is a pioneer of what has come to be known as social practice (sometimes termed participatory art, community art,  situational art or social sculpture), and founded an MFA program under that name at Otis College of Art and Design in 2007. Since the early 1970s she has produced work consisting of socially ... More » »