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Photo courtesy of Casa de Duende.

M.A.D. (Mutual Assured Destruction) — H. D. Ivey at Casa de Duende

[Michael is blown away by learning about the impact of nuclear detonation in this show, whose bright colors and festive styling lend its works some gallows humor. — the artblog editors] H. D. Ivey’s M.A.D. (Mutual Assured Destruction) comes at a poignant moment amid negotiations between Iran and U.S. over the production of nuclear weapons. M.A.D., in case you’re not familiar, is a military strategy in which two opposing forces launch a full-scale attack against one another, resulting in the total destruction of both parties. Heads in the sand Ivey, a Texas-born, Philadelphia-based artist, constructs a satirical installation of larger-than-life ... More » »

Greg Labold

Spores on tour — the work of Greg Labold

[Dre introduces us to a local artist who creates colorful, repeated pattern installations and garments; plays music in several bands; and seems overall like a pretty fungi. — the artblog editors] Walls covered with rainbow-colored spheres inspired by the seeding of mushroom spores, and a complementary array of costumed mannequins made in the artist’s likeness– this is what you can expect when visiting an installation by Philadelphia-based artist Greg Labold. Rolling with an idea Labold’s current body of work is based on a design inspired by the artist’s finding a mushroom, in which he uncovered deeper meaning and symbolism. With ... More » »


News post – PPAC wins Fine Arts cert, Dumpster Divers go wild, Art + Science cavort at Wistar, opportunities and more!

News The Dumpster Divers, a sprawling collective of about forty people who have been creating with found objects for over twenty years,  are at it again!  Their next show, Lost and Found, opens at West Chester University on Thursday October 30 from 4-7 PM; they’ve got the use of the school’s New Gallery, which we hear is lovely. The show runs until December 12. The above photo, taken at the Divers’ annual Awards Banquet, is also on the event postcard, which you may see making the rounds. Major coup for our friends at PPAC: Hahnemühle Certified Studios, experts in digital ... More » »

Patti Smith's eerie installation for MoMA's "Rockaway!" series. Photo: Cait Munro.

News post – Betty Leacraft’s South Africa voyage, urban braille at Slought, MoMA’s Rockaways tribute, opportunities and more!

News   This weekend brings a new Slought presentation on land vacancy, with “turf tagging” by David Stephens as one of its remedies. His creations, using urban braille gardens to call attention to land vacancy in Philadelphia, form a large floor mantra (“act knowledge”). The exhibition features prototypes, templates and a mold for forming outdoor braille gardens; each template is in the shape of braille bumps and approximately six feet in width. They are accompanied by “Peel turf” (2013-2014), a series of wall constructions, which also use the same technique. The exhibition opens on Friday, July 25 from 6:30-8:30pm, with brief ... More » »

Istoria, by Jay Walker, tape, laser-cut vinyl and mixed media applied directly to the wall in the Crane Big Hall

Jay Walker at the Crane

The main hallway at the Crane Arts building is a hallway with a lot of presence–so much so that it’s often a place where good art goes to die. Not so Jay Walker’s Istoria installation, presented by InLiquid. The stalking figures–made mostly of tape and laser-cut vinyl applied directly to the wall–can be anything from Medieval knights to Middle Eastern potentates of the desert to the Virgin Mary. Whatever reference you bring to their towering menace and decorative emanations, they are up to the challenge of holding the space and delivering an emotional frisson and visual thrill. Walker also has ... More » »

Giovanni Durante, photo courtesy of www.valeriospada.com

Valerio Spada’s documentary photos at PPAC of poor young girls in crime-ridden Naples

In March of 2011, Italian photographer Valerio Spada released a self-published book entitled Gomorrah Girl. The book, which was received with immense praise and went on to become the grand prize winner of the 2011 Blurb Photobook Now competition, eloquently recounts the accidental murder of Annalisa Durante, using photographs and brief text descriptions. Annalisa, a 14-year old girl in the crime and drug ridden community of Naples, was shot in the head by a stray bullet meant for a Camorra (Mafia) mobster. The book narrates the story of Annalisa’s life and death through images of her family, neighbors and police ... More » »

Daniel Gafanhoto “Royal Portuguese Reading Chambers”

All kinds of art at InLiquid’s Art for the Cash Poor

My husband and I enjoyed what we discovered at Inliquid’s Art for the Cash Poor 13 at the Crane Arts Building, held Saturday and Sunday, June 9-10. The crowd was very mixed—from patrons young and old to families, friends, and neighbors. Booths were set up indoors and outdoors, featuring work from artists established and up-and-coming, in a range of mediums all priced at or below $199. As a recent college graduate, the event was right up my alley. North Lawrence Midnight Singers’ alternative-folk rock tunes coursed through balmy air as we browsed the outdoor booths. Their laid-back melodies perfectly suited the ... More » »

The work of Robert Glebe, Guild member.

News post – MFA shows, Possible Projects packs up, craft on the radio, horror at PhilaMOCA, and more!

News The Delaware Art Museum’s Centennial juried show is not until October, but the Museum has released the entire list of artists who have been selected, including many from Pennsylvania. Congratulations to all!  The museum used to host biennial regional exhibitions that were much admired.  We hope this juried exhibition revitalizes the regional biennial, which is missed. Juror John Ravenal says, of the selection: “The 1,300 artworks submitted online by nearly 450 applicants covered a wide range of media, styles, and abilities. There were accomplished senior artists, emerging talents, and probably some Sunday hobbyists. There was painting, sculpture, installation art, video, ... More » »

Jim Zeske

Constructing stories from Degrees of Abstraction at UD Crane

Degrees of Abstraction at The University of Delaware at the Crane features work by a number of UDel MFA alumni who explore materials and the use of resources to raise issues about the earth’s natural bounties, and our capacity for scientific inquiry.  Lest you think this is all dry goods, there are personal and communal stories, structural compositions, and functional recycled goods on view. Curated by Dr. Vicky A. Clark of Clarion University, the show includes work by Mark Franchino, Matthew Gehring, Jim Lee, Jennifer O’Neill, Greg Rubio, Shawn Williams, Deborah Winram and Jim Zeske. Deborah Winram’s installation “Keepsake” is reminiscent of ... More » »

Bohyun Yoon, image courtesy the artist

Studio interview: a look through the glass of Bohyun Yoon

Bohyun Yoon has been taking photographs of the people of Philadelphia . One of them turned out to be my friend Wendy, who was out in Rittenhouse Square walking her standard poodle Nelly when Bo approached. She talked, he talked, and they found out they had me in common. Wendy’s face is now one of the nearly 150 faces that make up Bo’s newest installation–150 different faces that have nothing–and everything–in common.

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