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News post – Pageant:Soloveev back in play, Alex Podesta in Arlington’s CSA retrospective, new look for Leeway, opportunities and more!

News Maria Teicher’s skill for lending images of suffocation a terrifying grandeur was rightly noticed by New American Paintings during the magazine’s Armory Week highlights. “When looking at the plastic veiled portraits of Maria Teicher, you can’t help but find yourself a bit short of breath,” reviewer Elizabeth Devlin, Boston Contributor acknowledges. “We all have our struggles and it’s hard not to view the works through a personal lens, imposing our own narratives upon the obscured figures.” Teicher’s work is part of the showing by Arch Enemy Arts. Queen Village is always a little more incandescent when Pageant: Soloveev is in ... More » »


News post – CSA hits the NYT, Ivette Spradlin on the walls in Pittsburgh, happy 20th to Leeway, opportunities and more!

News As always, our commie pinko hippie tastes are catching on elsewhere: modeling themselves after community-supported agriculture (C.S.A.) programs, reports the New York Times, more and more people are now venturing into art co-ops. The NYTimes article notes that one $350 share in Pittsburgh included “a Surrealistic aluminum sculpture (of a pig’s jawbone, by William Kofmehl III), a print (a deadpan image appropriated from a lawn-care book, by Kim Beck) and a ceramic piece (partly about slavery, by Alexi Morrissey).” For the intrepid and community-oriented! The Leeway Foundation turns 20 on October 5, so to celebrate, they’re hosting Revolve, a ... More » »