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John Caperton, speaking with us Jan. 10, 2014 at the Print Center.  The green-tinted room comes from part of Canicular's red/green color piece in the downstairs gallery.

Next up on artblog radio – John Caperton talks about Demetrius Oliver’s Canicular

John Caperton, Jensen Bryan Curator at The Print Center, says in this clip from our interview that Canicular involves some humor.  In the exhibit by New York artist Demetrius Oliver, a live feed of Sirius, the “Dog Star”  from a telescope at the Franklin Institute streams into a white silo in the Print Center’s second floor gallery.  On clear nights you can see the live feed of the star shimmering above your head in the dark tubular space.  The only catch, you must enter the silo by way of a dog door.  Crawl on all fours and you’re in. This is part ... More » »