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News post – in memory of Terry Adkins, Zoe Strauss auction by FPA, Dom Streater takes to NYFW, opportunities and more.

News   Sad news from over the weekend: Terry Adkins passed away at the age of sixty. Finding a starting point for his achievements is difficult, but he was one of our most treasured artists, not to mention an extremely gifted professor at Penn who taught and influenced lots of us. There are numerous articles on artblog about him, in addition to notes of remembrance from Gallerist NY and PennDesign. Look for his latest work, three-dimensional representations of bird songs made from cymbals and percussion instruments at this year’s Whitney Biennial 2014 (March 7 – May 25, 2014). Becca Jennings, press contact at ... More » »

Adam Wallacavage's Swan chandelier, now part of MoMA's ambiance.

News post – fight for the NEA, MFAs curate at UArts, Wallacavage work at MoMA, opportunities and more!

News Time to put on your beleaguered arts advocate hat: Last week, the U.S House of Representatives Interior Appropriations Subcommittee gave the initial OK to a FY2014 budget that proposes $71 million worth of cuts to the National Endowment for the Arts. Essentially, this would eliminate nearly half of the program’s funding. Business as usual, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The suggested cuts are way out of proportion to other proposals for reducing spending across the board, and the NEA is campaigning hard for legislators to recognize the contributions of the arts to life in America. Americans ... More » »