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Caroline Furr,

News post – Doppelganger at the PMA, happy anniversary to MUSE Gallery, Furr + Rose at Young Masters, opportunities and more!

News Open Air, happily, was a resounding success. During this project’s September 20-October 14 span, brought to Philadelphia by the Association for Public Art and artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer nearly 6,000 iPhone recordings in over 20 different languages were made, and more than 17,000 visitors came to the Ben Franklin Parkway. The Open Air website is up permanently, allowing people to listen to the recordings and vote for their favorites. It’ll be tough to narrow down: aside from some heart-tugging marriage proposals, there is the 127-message “Voices of Philly” archive of famous local voices. To learn more about the project, visit The Creators Project, the press release here, and some wonderful high-res photos. ... More » »

Mary Smull-May FF

News Post – Germantown’s new spot, UArts talks, Mural Arts Venice, Emma Wilcox, opportunities and more!

News artblog‘s Art Safari just got an outstanding write-up by Martha Ledger in the Broad Street Review. Thanks for the shout-out, Martha! Renny Molenaar and Rocio Cabello, two international transplants to Germantown (by way of New York) bring their upstart ways to a new space –Imperfect Gallery.  Imperfect, at 5610 Greene St., is run by Molenaar, who came to Philadelphia with his partner Cabello in 2002. Imperfect  opens June 23, 5-10pm,  with a show featuring 30 Germantown artists. Molenaar is an artist and founder of the Black and White in Color Gallery in the Bronx.  Cabello is a visual artist and ... More » »

Eminent Domain No. 3, Gelatin silver print, 2006. Courtesy of The Print Center.

Emma Wilcox’s dialog with the city of Newark at The Print Center

Although Emma Wilcox photographs urban decay, the photographer’s work is more than nostalgic yearning for the past. Her silver gelatin prints at the Print Center highlight her engagement with photography’s historic and contemporary applications — as well as her ongoing engagement with Newark, NJ where she lives. Working within the tradition of street photography, Forensic Landscapes is an ongoing series of Newark’s deterioration. In the more contemporary body of work, Where It Falls, photography is used to document her text-based interventions on rooftops in Newark. A third group of works, Promesas, selected by the artist, shows historical documents and art relating ... More » »

Emma Wilcox, 'Father's Day', Gelatin silver print, 20"x24"

The 84th Annual International Competition: Photography at The Print Center

The Print Center’s 84th Annual International Competition: Photography, one of the nation’s oldest juried exhibitions of its kind, has managed to stay relevant yet another year with the help of guest curator Ingrid Schaffner. Schaffner, the senior curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, has brought together a group of 40 artists out of a pool of 550 (not an easy task). The result: a pastiche of work investigating a myriad of themes such as dystopic landscapes, melancholia, communal living and the creative process. Schaffner describes the exhibit as a “picture show” and appropriately likens the viewing experience ... More » »