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The work of Robert Glebe, Guild member.

News post – MFA shows, Possible Projects packs up, craft on the radio, horror at PhilaMOCA, and more!

News The Delaware Art Museum’s Centennial juried show is not until October, but the Museum has released the entire list of artists who have been selected, including many from Pennsylvania. Congratulations to all!  The museum used to host biennial regional exhibitions that were much admired.  We hope this juried exhibition revitalizes the regional biennial, which is missed. Juror John Ravenal says, of the selection: “The 1,300 artworks submitted online by nearly 450 applicants covered a wide range of media, styles, and abilities. There were accomplished senior artists, emerging talents, and probably some Sunday hobbyists. There was painting, sculpture, installation art, video, ... More » »

Interface Studio's 100K Houses. Courtesy of designwire.interiordesign.net.

News post – Social change at Drexel, Philly at PULSE, Second State scholarship, opportunities and more!

News Renowned graphic designer and UArts alum Craig Holden Feinberg is partnering with the Pearlstein Gallery for an exhibition on the social impact of design and imagery. The programming begins with Holden Feinberg’s two-day residency at Drexel University as a Rankin Scholar of the Graphic Design program.  On May 14, the Leonard Pearlstein Gallery begins an exhibition of Holden Feinberg’s work, displayed until Friday, June 8.  The opening reception on Friday, May 18 at 5 p.m. features a panel discussion on raising awareness of local and global social issues, as well as displays of Holden Feinberg’s shocking, funny and forceful design work. ... More » »

Joe Girandola

News – Artists in the Media, Philly.com content sharing, Wikipedia blackout, and more!

News In the Media Iain Ball‘s show Pangea: Rare Earth Sculptures at Extra Extra is featured in this month’s issue of Art Papers. Joe Girandola‘s duct tape paintings look great in a Stylelist.com article. Zoe Strauss‘s photo-billboards appear in an editorial in the Philadelphia Daily News that compares them favorably to the city’s many murals. Amber Dorko Stopper is named Craft Editor at InCultureParent Magazine.

Fast Meridian

News – Knight Arts Challenge 2012 finalists, Met hires Tate curator, Sharon Butler’s predictions, and more!

News Knight Arts Challenge Philadelphia names 55 finalists The Knight Foundation released the names of 55 finalists for its Knight Arts Challenge Philadelphia 2012. Finalists include artists, musicians, collectives, and community groups in the region. Winners are to be announced in the Spring.


Collective energy in North Philly

On a fair weather First Friday, Old City bustles with galleries full of people and streets lined with craft vendors, musicians and performers. It’s positively festive. But every day across Philadelphia, artist-run collectives present a different art scene that in many ways is more exciting. In the last five years, Little Berlin, Extra Extra and other artist-run spaces have sprouted up in neighborhoods such as Kensington and Chinatown, where rents are cheap and raw spaces lend themselves to edgy experimental art. This is a gritty scene run by young people who want to do it themselves. The artists know each other and ... More » »

Joe Lacina, Daniel Wallace and Derek Frech, with lady and bird at Extra Extra

Deep thoughts at Extra Extra, on artblog radio

The triumvirate who run Extra Extra aim their exhibitions at fellow artists. For the gallery’s team of Derek Frech, Joe Lacina and Daniel Wallace, success is not defined by sales. Rather, it’s defined by ideas, the conversation and the buzz the exhibit generates in Philadelphia’s alternative art community. They want to get people thinking, and they themselves do a lot of thinking. Here’s what they had to say. Right click to download Extra Extra 54-second sample

Common Place Full

Common Place at Extra Extra Lends Environmental Insight

April Fool’s jokes aside, the installation Common Place, which opened on April 1 at Extra Extra, is as thoughtful as it is playful. It’s an ambitious experiment in the social and the private, as well as the natural and the synthetic. It is the joint brainchild of three artists: Beth Brandon, Samantha Margherita, and Luren Jenison, who came together after noting similar themes in each others’ work.

People at the Bruce High Quality Foundation meeting at Vox Populi.  The room decor is part of Matt Savitsky's installation in the current exhibit at Vox.

Weekend people, April version

First Friday started early for me at a meeting convened by Brooklyn’s Bruce High Quality Foundation.  The group of artists — which founded its own university — is on a cross-country tour in conjunction with Creative Time, to take the pulse of the nation’s art education system.  But instead of having an agenda of their own (that’s what I wanted to hear) they asked what the Philadelphians in attendance thought about art education.  As people went around the room and introduced themselves and then spoke about their relationship to the institutions of art education (BFAs, MFAs, those with none of those ... More » »


Weekly Update – Common place, coming Friday at Extra Extra

The ladies are taking over Extra Extra this month, transforming the white-walled alternative space into a den of decor and comfort without, I’m guessing, a big-screen TV. “Common Place,” a collaborative sculptural installation by Beth Brandon, Luren Jenison and Samantha Margherita, is interactive. And it has to be, because any good lounge space has comfortable outcroppings on which to lean, sit or lie. But since this is also an art installation and not an IKEA showroom, there’s lots of stuff to look at, pick up and shake. The show’s theme is nature—specifically what role it plays in our increasingly domesticated lives. To prove ... More » »

Akhil C., virtual assistant for Norm Wilson, floats a boat that was designed by Akhil and made by Norm.  Video still from video made by Akhil's cousin

Weekly Update – Subversive, excellent Virtual Assistance at Extra Extra

Virtual Assistance is great, and a great rarity: political art that’s poetic and elliptical. Without being heavy-handed or preachy, the videos, photos, printouts and objects in the show deliver a story of successful human interaction in the face of globalization and a corporate-dictated power structure.

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