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Fran Gallun, Multiple Walls, 2009, monoprint with cut painted paper collage, india ink, gouache, 28x35 inches

You don’t have to be Jewish–Fran Gallun at PMJA

Fran Gallun’s shimmering landscapes are showing at the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art. What’s that? you ask. It’s the art museum in Rodeph Shalom, which has put on some swell shows in the past. This show, Imagining Israel, is another reason to revisit (or visit) the place. You may have seen some of this work in her recent solo show at Rosenfeld Gallery, and some in a 2009 solo show (reviewed on artblog)¬†at Fleisher Art Memorial, where she has been teaching for 25 years. Gallun’s landscape abstractions, spiritual quests for connection to ancestors and the land, have a Turner-like ability ... More » »

Fran Gallun at Fleisher: How far is heaven?

Fran Gallun, detail of “Earth and Sky”, Gouache with Painted Paper Collage, 2008 The movies and television have had an effect on us that’s so insidious that at times we’re not even aware of how it changes our vision. Fran Gallun‘s wonderful Faculty Fellowship Exhibit, Reflections on Landscape, in the Christian Street bulding of Fleisher Art Memorial, is proof positive of the influence of those media, although I don’t think they are primarily what my friend Fran had in mind. Fran Gallun, “Sunset Clouds: Loop”, Oil with Painted Paper Collage, 2008 But maybe she did have an inkling, because she ... More » »


Celebration of art community

Panoramic impressions of landscape from Fran Gallun (iridescent craypas, gouache and pencil) Somewhat related to Dayton Castleman’s windmills (see previous post), my friend Fran Gallun gave a talk in conjunction with her participation in a curated group show at Hopkins House, that sweet little building along the river in Haddon Township run by the Camden County Cultural & Heritage Commission. I say it’s related because Gallun, like Castleman, is concerned with matters spiritual in her work. After the talk, Fran offered a peek at her most recent work–hot off the presses–created during a mini-retreat she created for herself in Israel ... More » »