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Books that have crossed my desk

[Andrea offers brief reviews of two books she recently enjoyed, each very different. One focuses on how light–in its many incarnations–appears and is used as a tool in African Diaspora visual practices; the other on artists’ interest in history and its artifacts. — the artblog editors] Krista Thompson, Shine: The Visual Economy of Light in African Diasporic Aesthetic Practice (Duke University Press, Durham: 2015) ISBN 978-0-8223-5807-7 Krista Thompson explores the common use of light, shine, and “bling bling” as a means of self-fashioning and collective agency by African-American, Bahamian, and Jamaican youth culture. She also traces these effects in the work of contemporary ... More » »


Reviews of two books on artists and their studios

[Andrea reviews divergent approaches to documenting artists’ processes and workspaces, finding that the second book is inappropriate for young artists, because it will give them unrealistic expectations. — the artblog editors] Sarah Trigg is an artist who became fascinated with the range of curiosities she found in fellow artists’ studios. Focusing on specific categories, which she terms “mascots,” “collected objects,” “makeshift tools,” “rituals,” “residue,” and “habitat,” Trigg set out to record her visits with 100 colleagues who represent the range of artists working in the U.S. She described her approach as “anthropological”. Trigg knew only a handful of these colleagues ... More » »

Sand at the Parrish Art Museum

Richard Misrach, Untitled #704-03, 2003, Chromogenic print mounted on plexiglass74 ¾ x 115 ¼, Courtesy the Artist; Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco; Marc Selwyn Fine Art, Los Angeles; and Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York I stumbled on Sand, the show at the Parrish Art Museum in Southampton. It sounded like just the ticket for summer vacation art. The exhibit of more than 50 works inspired by sand as a material or a metaphor meanders through time and tastes, including terrific contemporary work and some more conventional stuff from art historical biggies and smallies–from Picasso to Pollack to Fairfield Porter. But the work ... More » »

More from the Met-Neo Rauch and photography

Neo Rauch at the Met The Met owns a couple Neo Rauch paintings which are on display in their Contemporary galleries. Next to the Contemporary galleries, the museum uses a small, low-ceilinged mezzanine space for artist’s projects, and it invited the East German Rauch to produce some new paintings for the space. Fourteen works are on view. (Kara Walker had her Apres Le Deluge project in the Mezzanine and before that, Tony Oursler exhibited works in the space.) It’s an intimate space and was apparently a challenge for Rauch who likes to work exceedingly big. But he knuckled under and ... More » »