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Odili D. Odita, next to his work.

News post – Adieu to Coalition Ingenu & 3rd Ward, Odili Odita at Jack Shainman Gallery, opportunities and more!

News Coalition Ingenu is closing, with their (possibly) last show in Philly opening tonight. In less than two months, Bullock and company are moving to Florida, with hopes of the Coalition Ingenu Self-taught Artists’ Collective eventually picking up again. Featuring nine artists, the final show is called Autodidactic Ingenuism, and, rather appropriately, takes place at the Magic Gardens, where self-taught visionary Isaiah Zagar created his best known work. The opening reception is today, October 11 from 6 – 9 pm, at the Philadelphia Magic Gardens, and it runs until Friday, November 15. We were startled earlier this week to learn ... More » »


Happy Labor Day everyone! From the Vault in 2005

—>From the Vault–This excerpt from a post that ran Oct. 10, 2005, revisits a piece of public art in Bird Park, the once-upon-a-time art park at the corner of 3rd and Arch.  Gallery Joe was in charge of the space at the time.  I don’t think there is an art program in the park now, but correct me if I’m wrong.————–> Look at me posted on Oct. 10, 2005 Jody Sweitzer  and Chris Vecchio‘s “Now that we have your attention” is a motion-sensitive piece: The playpen crew talk at you when you pass by. It’s a cacophonous chorus of “Look at ... More » »


Explorations of monochrome — All Black at Gallery Joe

The artists of All Black, currently on view at Gallery Joe, may not work in all black all the time, but their collective strength indicates a variety of approaches and experimentation with monochrome. Astrid Bowlby, N. Dash, Roland Flexner, Kristin Holder, Xylor Jane, Jill O’Bryan, Mark Sheinkman, Allyson Strafella, and Jorinde Voigt are the artists included in the show. The use of line isn’t as common a presence in the works as one might expect; rather, field, form, and texture are much more prominent across the board. There is a rich variety of techniques on display, ranging from those employing chance and ... More » »

Untitled (rd.13.7)

Fluid and trembling marks in living, moving drawings – Christine Hiebert at Gallery Joe

Christine Hiebert’s drawings, now on exhibit at her solo show “Space for Mark,” are deceivingly-calm monochromatic arrangements. Walking through the space at Gallery Joe, Hiebert’s drawings read as non-confrontational and quiet, but always energetic. Close examination reveals the vigor contained within every mark- some fluid and some trembling. The series of process-based drawings focuses on the variety of marks that imply specific actions; the body of work is essentially about movement. There is a subtle variation in mark and material among the works that creates a sensitive juxtaposition in texture and form. Some surfaces, such as Untitled (rdl.12.21), have been ... More » »

Becky Kerlin (l) and Christine Pfister(r) talk with us Nov. 30 at Pentimenti Gallery

Old City gallerists Becky Kerlin and Christine Pfister on business and art – podcast interview on artblog radio

On the 20th anniversaries of Gallery Joe and Pentimenti, two wonderful contemporary art venues in Philadelphia that we admire, we talk with the gallery’s owner/directors, Becky Kerlin (of Gallery Joe) and Christine Pfister (of Pentimenti). Both galleries are located in Old City, and both started in the recession of 1992/93. In our interview, they talk with us about starting their galleries, about deciding to participate in the art fairs, about working with artists and selecting artists, and about some of the online scams involving the sale of art that are circulating on the Internet.  We spoke with the two gallery owners ... More » »

Rebecca Kerlin (l) of Gallery Joe and Christine Pfister of Pentimenti, speaking with us  Nov. 30

Next week on artblog radio – Rebecca Kerlin of Gallery Joe and Christine Pfister of Pentimenti

Gallery Joe and Pentimenti galleries are celebrating their 20th anniversaries, which is really impressive, given how galleries come and go. Both show cutting edge contemporary art that we admire and both are located in Old City, where First Fridays defined hip, joining art and  social excitement here in Philadelphia. Rebecca Kerlin, director of Gallery Joe and Christine Pfister, director of Pentimenti are women business owners in a male-dominated global art world. And, as longtime observers of the Philadelphia art scene, they have interesting things to say about Philadelphia and its place in the national and international art world and how that ... More » »

Prelude and Fugue (Cutouts), gouache, marker, colored pencil, paper, 11 ½ x 11 x 1 ½ in., 2012

Handmade, meticulous abstractions playing with color at Gallery Joe

The works of Nicole Phungrasamee Fein in where and Alex Paik in Recapitulation Bop, both on display at Gallery Joe, are small and precise experiments with color. Paik’s show, Recapitulation Bop, captures light and color in the process of transmission. The multi-colored paper works are like a physical representation of intangible colors that are not physically real. A classically trained violinist, Paik’s works approximate the course of musical preludes and fugues in a physical object. Paik says in his statement that his works are “humble” and seek an intimate dialogue with the viewer. Physically small, three-dimensional, and partly projecting from the ... More » »

Interface Studio's 100K Houses. Courtesy of designwire.interiordesign.net.

News post – Social change at Drexel, Philly at PULSE, Second State scholarship, opportunities and more!

News Renowned graphic designer and UArts alum Craig Holden Feinberg is partnering with the Pearlstein Gallery for an exhibition on the social impact of design and imagery. The programming begins with Holden Feinberg’s two-day residency at Drexel University as a Rankin Scholar of the Graphic Design program.  On May 14, the Leonard Pearlstein Gallery begins an exhibition of Holden Feinberg’s work, displayed until Friday, June 8.  The opening reception on Friday, May 18 at 5 p.m. features a panel discussion on raising awareness of local and global social issues, as well as displays of Holden Feinberg’s shocking, funny and forceful design work. ... More » »

Michael Bukowski, "Splat Bat."

News post – Bat-saving benefit, Gallery Joe in VIP Paper, AIGA Philly opens, opportunities and more!

News Do you enjoy the West Philly Rotunda‘s selection of great indie shows?  Vote for it in Philly Magazine! It’s been nominated, along with four other locations, as one of Philly’s best indie music venues. Is Van Gogh pertinent to a contemporary artist? Hear three locals, Emily Brown, Hiro Sakaguchi and Zoe Strauss, talk about it April 27 at the PMA.  The program, moderated by Van Gogh Up Close curator Joseph Rishel, is in conjunction with that blockbuster show at the museum. To purchase tickets ($10, $8 students and members – no admission ticket required), call 215-235-SHOW or visit the Museum’s website. ... More » »

“After Kensett: Shrewsbury River, New Jersey” Ink and graphite on paper, 8 ¼ x 12 ½ in., 2012

Landscapes teeming with units of life – Mia Rosenthal’s hand-drawn, digital-era works at Gallery Joe

In lieu of brush strokes by the thousands, organisms by the thousands form the contours of the natural world in Mia Rosenthal’s American Landscapes, her first solo outing with Gallery Joe.  In the show, which consists primarily of reinterpreted 19th-century paintings from the Hudson River School, Rosenthal converts the pastoral landscapes into images built on whimsical line drawings of units of individual species of flora and fauna. Divided by phylum and kingdom into taxonomic constellations, the organisms are drawn alongside their colloquial names — southern flying squirrel, river otter, duckweed, red fox, southern bog, box turtle – and depicted in ... More » »

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