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NEWS We report sad news today of the passing of two important women in Philadelphia’s art world, Marion (Kippy) Boulton Stroud and Frances P. Aulston.  Our thoughts go out to the family, friends and community of these amazing women. Marion Boulton “Kippy” Stroud, 76, the seemingly indefatigable founder and director of the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia and the Acadia Summer Arts Program – a.k.a. “Kamp Kippy” – in Maine, died suddenly Saturday, Aug. 22, at her home in Northeast Harbor, Maine. From the Inquirer obituary today: Though her many friends considered her a visionary who, among other accomplishments, helped ... More » »

Hunter Stabler, S.H.T.F. (Serpents Hallowed Tail Feathers), van, barn joists, mirrors, mosquito hammock, rain fly, bug-out bike, Mossberg 500, SSW 38 special, Ruger 10-22, Ruger Mark 2, various supplies and ammunition, oil painting, bug out bags. Image courtesy of Pageant Soloveev

Visions of Doom: Serpent’s Hallowed Tail Feathers at Pageant Soloveev

Serpents Hallowed Tail Feathers at Pageant Soloveev brings together the surreal and mind-bending works of three Philadelphia artists whose art packs a large “wow” factor. Opened just in time for the much-vaunted end of the Mayan calendar on Dec. 21, 2012, this show includes apocalyptic preparations by Hunter Stabler, paintings freighted with spiritual symbols by Shawn Thornton, and the precisely chaotic works of Nathan Wilson. The show takes its name from an installation piece by Stabler, entitled “S.H.T.F. (Serpents Hallowed Tail Feathers).” The work consists of a stained old minivan loaded with survivalist gear that has been set underneath barn ... More » »

Joseph Hu, Design Guild, detail Acrylic on cardboard, 1 ¾ x 32 ½ x 20 inches, 2009

Hu and Stabler at Pentimenti

Two solo shows at Pentimenti are worth wading through piles of snow for–Joseph Hu’s exhibit “Noticed and Unnoticed” and Hunter Stabler’s exhibit “Center of the Cyclone”.

Adam Parker Smith, Salami, collage

Unveil at Tiger Strikes Asteroid

When Roberta and I were visiting the January small group show at Tiger Strikes Asteroid (can there be anything but a small group show in that tiny space?), gallery member Nathan Pankratz mentioned to us that the gallery might move to a larger space. That’s welcome news, especially since this small artist-run space continues to mount good shows. The January show, up to the 29th, includes work from Corey Antis, Ben Pranger, Donna Ruff, Adam Parker Smith, and Hunter Stabler.

And now for some bi-coastal news

Philly artists continue to keep the airlines and buses in business showing work on both coasts and places in between. Here’s the news this week: Kathryn Pannepacker in New York Kathryn Pannepacker will speak in New York at the Museum of Art and Design Thursday, April 16 at 6:30 pm in an artist’s talk co-sponsored by the MAD and their magazine American Craft. The talk is free with Thursday night pay as you wish admission. The magazine features Philly’s intrepid multi-culti guerrilla weaver on its cover this month!!!

Cut paper skulls separated at birth

Kako Ueda, cut paper skull Hunter Stabler, cut paper skull See David Pescovitz’s Boing Boing post yesterday Kako Ueda’s solo show of exquisite paper cut artBy David Pescovitz on ArtLast year, I posted about Kako Ueda’s spectacular hand cut paper artwork including a work-in-progress that was then titled “Memento Mori.” The work, now complete and titled “Eros & Thanatos,” will debut at Ueda’s solo show at NYC’s George Adams Gallery. The exhibition, titled “Totem,” opens this Thursday, September 18 and runs until October 18. Ueda kindly shared this sneak preview of Eros & Thanatos with us. It’s a 78″ x ... More » »

Slice, dice and fold–Art Alliance, Pageant and Fleisher-Ollman

Natasha Bowdoin, I am the sun in the morning, I am a dog at night, 2006; cut cards and gouache on paper, 36 x 54 x 9 inches.image courtesy the artist And now for the medium of the season, cut paper!! Three exhibits exploring the limits of paper as a medium are ripping up the town– Paper[space] at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, Thanks to Mom and Dad/The Chain of the Worlds at Pageant Gallery, and a cleaner heart a do it at Fleisher-Ollman Gallery, which dips into paper along with some other work. All three shows are worth the effort ... More » »

Weekly Update – Hunter Stabler and Christopher Davison go for Baroque

This week’s Weekly has my review of Christopher Davison’s Had at Jaskey/Tower and Hunter Stabler’s Thanks to Mom and Dad/The Chain of the Worlds at Pageant. Below is the copy with some pictures. More photos at flickr — Stabler and Davison. Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s heirs are alive and well and working hard in Philadelphia. Artists like Christopher Davison at Jaskey/Tower and Hunter Stabler at Pageant Soloveev—each in their own way and both with contemporary techniques and subject matter—express the same high emotional content, drama and dark beauty as the great 17th-century practitioner of twist, swirl and angst. Christopher Davison, Woman, child and ... More » »

Weekly Update – Naked Paper at Tower Gallery

This week’s Weekly has my review of Naked Paper at Tower Gallery. Below is the copy with some pictures. More photos at flickr.Border PatrolFrames are so last century. Until recently, buying a print or drawing meant also buying a frame that might cost as much as or more than the artwork. Today, thanks to a confluence of technology, taste and economics, frames are out. Randall Sellers, Exeunt Omnes, 2007. graphite and conte on paper 8 1/2 x 11, a work at Tower Gallery’s Naked paper show. Nowadays galleries, museums and collectors­—seeking the authentic experience of living with art up close ... More » »


New Nouveau: Turn of the Century Wonders

Christian Maycheck’s piece, seen at Pulse Art Fair last weekend. Artist Scott Waterman, one of my flickr buddies, put a one-word comment on my picture of Christian Maycheck‘s blobosaurus–“nouveau.” I totally didn’t get what he meant so I answered something non-sequitor-like back, and Scott, sensing my lack of “getting it” clarified. He was calling Maycheck’s piece something from the Art Nouveau tradition of opulently corpulent renderings of drapery with arabesque curlicues gone wild. Well I think that is pretty interesting–and right on the money. Check out Scott’s discussion of his own Nouveau awakening on this flickr page and follow the ... More » »

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