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Anthony Elms

News: New ICA curator, video art history @ PAFA, opportunities, and more!

News (Inaccurate information has been removed from this post). ICA appoints new curator The Institute of Contemporary Art has appointed Anthony Elms as a new Associate Curator. Elms has worked as an  independent curator and writer, and he was Assistant Director of Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois at Chicago for six years. He replaces Jenelle Porter who has taken a position at ICA Boston.

O.U.R. Gallery

News: art security, O.U.R., Bambi Gallery’s return and more

News Attack on Matisse at National Gallery highlights art security After a recent attack on a Matisse painting at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, art security is on the minds of writers at the Washington Post.  That publication ran two stories recently about art security issues.

Su Tomesen, 40,000 feet, video installation at the Ice Box, courtesy the artist

Big pictures at the Ice Box

The long east wall in the Ice Box at the Crane Arts Center has so much wall space–25 x 100 feet–that founders Nick Kripal and Richard Hricko decided to make something even bigger of it– In a push to challenge video artists to take advantage of the enormous space, they have installed four computer-controlled video projectors capable of filling that wall, including creating a seamless image (a la Matt Suib and Nadia Hironaka’s The Soft Epic or: Savages of the Pacific West video installation there).  It’s hello Cinemascope times two.

Philadelphia Notes

An artists’ demolition derby in a still from Aaron Rose’s Beautiful Losers (2008)Lives of the Artists (ca. 2000) I asked Tyler Kline to join me at the January 21 International House screening of two films on art/skateboarding cultures since he comes out of a Portland skateboarding and art scene of a younger generation than Aaron Rose’s Beautiful Losers (2008) and I thought he could provide footnotes (which he did). Rose’s film made for an interesting comparison with Ted Passon’s Space 1026 (2007) and told quite a different story of how the art and community developed. Rose portrayed Margaret Kilgallen, Mike ... More » »

The Artist as Subject and Curator

Upcoming Art and Art Films at International House A piece from 2005 by Margaret Kilgallen, one of the artists to be featured in a film at I-House.International House has always been one of Philadelphia’s best venues for film (a hidden one, to judge from the small regular attendance) and they’ve been adding art, courtesy of InLiquid.com which has been presenting video work in I-House’s lobby space. They’ve also been showing ever more films about art and artists. I missed one I really wanted to see in November on L.A.’s Ferus Gallery but we’ll get chance this week to see a ... More » »

Migration stories from Siona Benjamin and Asian Arts with InLiquid

Siona Benjamin, See No Evil, in which the artist puts Queen Esther in her own shoes. We all have some dreamy idea of a Cheers kind of life in a single town where everyone knows your name. But that doesn’t take into account the non-stop migrations around the world–people fleeing war or famine or hardship–or boredom. Around 15 years ago, I learned that a bunch of ancient bodies were unearthed in China–all fair-haired people wearing tartans. Siona Benjamin, Joseph, gouache and gold leaf on museum board, 22 x 17 inches, 2006. And last night a tragedy in Philadelphia’s Liberian community ... More » »

Making do

Amze Emmons, Breathing Apparatus, at the Painted Bride Cafe Gallery How bad is the whining greed and entitlement that marks the American Way these days? It’s really bad. As a nation we can’t even accept that bad stuff happens–by accident, by fate, by the alignment of the stars. We’re bogged down in law suits based on some mistaken notion that we can control everything, and that anything bad that happens can be blamed on some human action, some human fault. Now that’s just plain irrational. I’m not talking about some higher being, being to blame. I’m just talking about being ... More » »

Beyond the Fringe–Miriam Singer at the Bride

by Miriam Singer One show at the Philadelphia Fringe is not enough. It’s so hard to know what will be good, what will not, that you sort of have to sample a bunch and hope for the best. This year, we finally figured that out and purchased tickets to four shows. Two down, two to go–plus a bonus. by Miriam Singer The bonus was added on to show number one. Murray and I got to the Painted Bride early to pick up our tickets, and there were works by Miriam Singer hanging on the wall in the cafe area, where ... More » »

Greenmachine: Art, Technology and Nature

Post by Andrea Kirsh Keiko Miyamori, detail of installation of bark rubbings on rice paper that she made in Japan I’m grateful to “Greenmachine,” outdoor installations using technological components by three artists, if only for getting me to the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, a very beautiful site at 8480 Hagy’s Mill Road, a bit north of Manayunk. As we say at Pesach, “It would have been enough.” But the art itself is well worth the trip – in fact, the best installations I’ve ever seen in a natural setting. Keiko Miyamori, Katie Murken and Chris Vecchio made interventions which ... More » »

March madness: ICA snow and Inliquid ice capades

No this is not a basketball post. But there are many good art events to choose from this weekend–in addition to the Photo Booth at Space 1026 on Saturday afternoon (see post) here are a couple events that sound like fun. If you’re like me you’ve been back to ICA once or twice since the opening of Locally Localized Gravity, the show that keeps on giving, on a daily basis, as events and workshops and parties take place scheduled by the various collectives. OK, so you’re not like me. Maybe you haven’t even been to see LLG (and the other ... More » »

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