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Dead space in a crowded city — Turning London’s empty warehouses into creative communities

[Katie takes an in-depth look at how rising housing costs are pushing some London artists to get creative, and live communally. -- the artblog editors] London is an expensive city. Reports abound of broom-closets with toilets next to the bed going for exorbitant rates of rent, in a city plagued by homelessness and poverty. It is also home to a vibrant arts scene, with four major universities churning out batches of exciting young artists with wild ideas and a lot more drive than money. The rise of a new community center It’s no surprise, then, to find a thriving scene ... More » »

"Gay, Jewish or Both" - A collaborative installation between designer Bernardo Margulis and NAPOLEON founding member Leslie Friedman.

Gay, Jewish or Both

[Leah delves into tropes associated with both the gay and Jewish communities, and examines how a new show challenges expectations. -- the artblog editors] When I initially heard about Gay, Jewish, or Both at NAPOLEON, I was very enthusiastic. The subject is a delicate one; however, it is also very contemporary and full of potential for rich discourse. The exhibition is perplexing. On the one hand, I was not sure how I felt, but on the other, I knew that I was being asked to digest some difficult ideas. As a Jew who was raised by a lesbian, I often ... More » »

Still image from Soun-Gui Kim's "Beating the Market" installation.

Soun-Gui Kim in conversation with Cage, Derrida and Nancy

(Rachel’s post explores video artist Soun-Gui Kim’s new exhibit at Slought Foundation. Rachel also attended a discussion between Kim and art theorist Thierry de Duve, exploring the artist’s process, philosophies and influences. — the artblog editors) The monitors were turned on one by one. Two projectors. Four screens. Six sets of sounds. Soun-Gui Kim stood in the middle of the gallery, her left hand shielding her eyes, listening. From time to time she looked up, pointed up or down, then bowed her head as the volume was adjusted. When the sound satisfied her ears, she nodded enthusiastically, repeating the phrase, ... More » »

Do 20th century Conservation Standards work in the 21st Century? American Institute of Conservation Annual Meeting in Philadelphia May 31- June 2

Conservators from around the country and beyond will gather in Philadelphia to discuss ethical principles and critical thinking in art conservation at the  Annual Meeting of the American Institute for Conservation of Artistic and Historic Works (AIC).  How do economic, environmental and cultural changes impact conservation decisions? While a number of the sessions will discuss technical issues  —- the how of conservation, a large number will address what is being conserved and why.