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present-day Hashima, Japan

Memories of buildings at NYU’s 80 WSE Gallery and Orhan Pamuk’s book The Innocence of Objects

Four Houses, Some Buildings and Other Spaces, an exhibition curated by Berta Sichel at NYU’s 80 WSE Gallery  through March 16 brings together ten artists (or artists-collaborations) around the ideals and memories invested in buildings, other man-made structures, and their remains. They investigate the subjects of who determines the built environment, who establishes its meaning, who tells its history, and which of multiple histories are preserved. The story they tell is complex, nuanced and provocative, without being tendentious. The artists, from Europe, North and South America, are primarily interested in buildings as bearers of ideas – either those of their ... More » »

June in Amsterdam: Beldan Sezan’s ‘Zakkum’ etc.

I love Amsterdam and have been visiting a close friend there regularly since 1998, but if you’ve never been to the city, this is not a good time to go. Much of the city is torn up because of large construction projects: at the train station (whose entrance is entirely obscured behind hoardings, below, and interior is also undergoing work); on major streets, where they are building a subway; and at both the Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum. Both museums have a small selection of their collections on view, which is probably sufficient for tourists, but not for readers of  artblog.  ... More » »

In and out of Istanbul, not Constantinople

Canan Tolon, Emergency Exit The array of Turkish contemporary art now on exhibit at Slought Foundation serves as a fine reminder that if we don’t look beyond our own shores, we are missing some important ideas and failing to grapple to with experiences–at least vicariously–that are important to humankind in general. At the opening of In and Out of Istanbul, an exhibit of work by seven artists, curator Osvaldo Romberg spoke about visiting Istanbul and selecting the group of artists for this exhibit. Not all the artists are Turkish, but they all have a political edge, and they are all ... More » »

Report from Istanbul: The state of affairs

Post by Marie H. Elcin Sultanahmet Iftar Istanbul is an overwhelming, sprawling city with over 12 million citizens, where the rich are very rich and the poor are very poor. As it is a modern metropolis, I had expected to find a hopping contemporary art center to rival New York, or at least Philadelphia, especially considering the recent rise of the Istanbul Biennial, the brand new Istanbul Modern Art Museum, and the city’s upcoming status as 2010 European Capital of Culture. I came away with mixed impressions, partly due to the quality of the work I saw, and partly because ... More » »