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News post – Drew Leshko at DCCA, Dr. Judith Rodin at Moore, NoseGo returns to Old City, opportunities and more!

News It’s been long enough! NoseGo (Yis Goodwin) returns to Arch Enemy Arts for his first solo hometown show in two years. Invisible Village opens Friday, January 23 and runs through March 1. Moore College of Art and Design is honoring the very deserving Dr. Judith Rodin, president of the Rockefeller Foundation and author of The Resilience Dividend: Being Strong in a World Where Things Go Wrong, with the 2015 Edmund M. Bacon Prize on February 18. School of Visual Arts is presenting a phenomenal roster for its spring 2015 Art in the First Person lecture series, all of which are free and open to the public. If you’re ... More » »

Some of the Jaime Treadwell goodness that's out in print via Juxtapoz this month.

News post – Good Game mag debuts, KAWS at PAFA, Jaime Treadwell in Juxtapoz, opportunities and more!

News Via Sam Belkowitz – A new magazine in town promises to be a strong hitter for our city’s cultural journalism. Good Game, an upcoming art quarterly based in Philadelphia, seeks to be a conduit between Philly and the international art world. The first issue is slated to include artwork and writings by (get ready) Zoe Strauss, Thom Lessner, Jesse Butcher, Chip Schwartz, Sam Belkowitz, Jamie Diamond, Barbara Jenkings, Issac Lin, Matthew Pruden, Matthew Suib, Nadia Hironaka, Christopher P. Mcmanus, Lee Arnold, Thomas Devaney, Micah Danges, Will Brown, J Makary, Maria Dumlao, Jessie Pires, Shana Illingworth, Josh Rickards, Helen Cahng, Drew Dunlap, Michelle Chong, ... More » »

"Woodpeckers," by sculptor-turned-painter Ann Chabhandour.

News post – Kim Sajet to head National Portrait Gallery, happy tenth for Green Line, Ann Chahbandour at Towson, opportunities and more!

News This week brings major accolades for Kim Sajet, currently the president and CEO of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and now the director of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. A Portland gallery with a Philadelphia flavor opens: Amy Adams and John Ollman of Fleisher/Ollman Gallery have teamed up to open a new gallery in Portland, OR. Adams and Ollman, founded to showcase 20th century self-taught American artists and contemporary artists for Portland, opens with an exhibition of two and three-dimensional works by Philadelphia artist Bill Walton. The show is on view from March 1–April 27, 2013. Between this, the recent ... More » »


Anna Hepler’s inflatable sculpture assembly line at DCCC in Marple

Visual artist Anna Hepler just completed her collaborative art-making venture at Delaware County Community College (DCCC). Known for her large-scale inflatable sculptures out of sheet plastic and colored tape, Hepler took up shop at the school in order to build some of these blow-up forms in and around the school’s main Marple campus. The mix of 70s era architecture and more contemporary buildings is further stirred up by the addition of massive geometric forms strewn in their midst that allows students and faculty alike to flex many of their creative muscles. Jaime Treadwell, assistant professor of art at DCCC, initially ... More » »

Daniel Petraitis, Corner (with Paul), 2011 concrete, casters

Vox VII – nice and easy

Not as wild as some of its predecessors, Vox VII, the annual emerging artist show at Vox Populi, is a whale of a good show. With 35 artists and all media except performance represented, paintings make a strong showing. No matter how many times people say painting is dead, it just is not, and here the variety of paintings demonstrates the media’s still got some tricks up its sleeve. Sculpture is literally all over the map, from a highly crafted fiber object to a sprawling found-object installation with a video embedded in it to a low-tech gizmo made of wood ... More » »

Kikuko Tanaka, Proudly decorating your home, mixed media including the artist's urine and pastries, according to the fancy wall card underneath which is also part of the piece

New kid on the block – I Speak American at Gallery at DCCC

I Speak American, the group show curated by Jaime Treadwell at the Gallery at Delaware County Community College is loaded with works of conceptual quirkiness and visual sophistication. It’s a great way to announce yourself as a new voice in the region’s hot art scene.

Jaime Treadwell, Fairy Tale, oil on panel, 30 x 48

Vox V–crapification and not

The crapification of materials is part of the message of Vox Populi‘s fifth annual roundup of emerging art, Vox V. The other part is the antithesis–tradition. This is not to say the show is schizo. This year’s exhibit, curated by superstar video artist Ryan Trecartin and Cerealart jefe Larry Mangel, is lots of fun, hitting the main important points in what’s happening in contemporary art here and everywhere, in subject matter and media experimentation.

Weekly Update 1 – Two symbol painters

This week’s Weekly has my review of two painting shows: Jaime Treadwell at Cerulean and P. Timothy Gierschick‘s at Green Line Powelton. Below is the copy with some pictures. More photos at flickr. And see Libby’s posts here and here. X SymbolsTwo Philly painters play the subconscious like a banjo. The most successful artists use symbolism in an elliptical or ambiguous manner that allows humans to do what they do best—decode the subtext. Humans are natural decoders; we’ve been interpreting signs since the cradle. It’s not for nothing that car ads feature beautiful women caressing or looking longingly at the ... More » »

Jaime Treadwell at Cerulean

Jaime Treadwell, The End Neo-Pink, Jaime Treadwell’s one-man show at Cerulean Arts Gallery, combines off-the-hook oil painting technique with a post-Apocalyptic world in cotton candy pink. The lipsticky desolate landscapes with overturned vehicles and used-car-lot pennants or blobs of falling oobleck are sad and interesting. They have a sense of Mad Max finding his way through what’s left and making the best of things. Jaime Treadwell, Alone II The peopled images are another story, even though they are peopling the same sort of milieu. There’s something unnatural about them. The perfect, but hard-eyed children with their camouflage vests and antenna-topped ... More » »

Weekly Update – Voxxoxo we love you

This week’s Weekly has my review of Voxxoxo, Vox Populi’s third annual emerging artist show. Below is the copy with some additional pictures. More photos of the show at flickr. Hair ForceVox’s provocative art gets to your heart. Jennie Thwing. Mirror Ball, 2007. video In its third annual emerging artists roundup, Vox Populi continues to be ground zero for ambitious young artists trying out quirky voices. The juried 24-person show “Voxxoxo” is full of solid work, some of it great. Adam Parker Smith. Marvin Gaye Had Me Feeling Like Black was the Thing TO Be. fabric and paper. There are ... More » »

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