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Itinerant Belongings, a group show by Slought and UPenn

[Evan, who has been walking a lot lately, explores another group show set between spaces–one that’s meant to open our eyes to the many different meanings of “home” and place. — the artblog editors] Itinerant Belongings, the latest collaborative exhibition between Slought Foundation and the University of Pennsylvania, endeavors to explore the physical and immaterial natures of belonging and home through a mixture of photography, video, and drawn imagery. Highlighting the plight of homelessness and its evolution over the past few decades; the effect of a growing homeless population on our definition and delineation of public and private spaces; and ... More » »


Nine Perspectives on Photography at the Arthur Ross Gallery

At its core, the photography exhibition currently occupying the elegant space of the Arthur Ross Gallery is a showcase for one of Penn’s proudest achievements of the last year: digitizing its photography archive. “9 Perspectives on a Photography Collection,” is drawn from Penn’s photography archive and organized around an interesting idea — that when nine photographers select the images to be exhibited the result will show the collection’s strength in its parts and in its whole. Organized by Lynn Marsden-Atlass, University Curator and Director of the Arthur Ross Gallery and Gabriel Martinez, artist and Senior Lecturer of Photography in the ... More » »

Jesse Butcher

Creator’s block? Consider some “Inspiration Information”

The show “Inspiration Information” in the Maas Building at 1325 Randolph Street is an introspective take on what motivates artists to create. Located in a spacious old trolley factory that until now hasn’t shown much visual art, the exhibition includes work by fourteen artists and runs the gamut of mediums from video to foam insulation to prints and photographs.

Kikuko Tanaka, Proudly decorating your home, mixed media including the artist's urine and pastries, according to the fancy wall card underneath which is also part of the piece

New kid on the block – I Speak American at Gallery at DCCC

I Speak American, the group show curated by Jaime Treadwell at the Gallery at Delaware County Community College is loaded with works of conceptual quirkiness and visual sophistication. It’s a great way to announce yourself as a new voice in the region’s hot art scene.

Fear, loathing and lady photographers in New York

Like children staring down a box of candy and a bowl of oatmeal we went straight for Chelsea Dec 12 instead of to the museums. The day was sunny and brisk and we took our chances wandering in candyland. Trenton Doyle Hancock at James Cohan. We knew before we walked into James Cohan Gallery that we were ready to love Trenton Doyle Hancock’s show. His works excite us with their combination of extreme inward-looking eye, paranoia and turgid visuals. In a cool world Hancock sizzles. His manic layering, repetitive imagery, gazillions of words, and push to decoration give us great ... More » »