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New media art – White Hot Gold at Murray State

[I juried the new media exhibit at Murray State University Art Gallery, up now until Feb. 12. This is the foreword I wrote for the catalog.] What is new media art? It’s almost easier to say what isn’t: traditional painting, sculpture printmaking, photography — emphasis on tradition. New media art is experimental. It uses new technologies — digital technology, video, the Internet, video games, cell phones and computer programming. And while I don’t want to say “I know it when I see it,” there’s not a whole lot that holds the loose category together. Here are a few characteristics of ... More » »

Tim Belknap's post-apocalyptic 2008 Fleisher Challenge installation, detail.

Changes at Wind Challenge and Funnel Pages

Apply to the Wind Challenge 2012 Some changes are blowing through the Wind Challenge 2012, and those changes may make a difference, we think, in who will want to toss their hats in the ring.

Letter to a sunken ship

Please let us get on with our lives. Love, The rest of us Recently there has been a lot of hate being dished around our little art world of Philadelphia via several contentious blogs. Most thought it to be over months ago. Suffering the fate of most Internet trends, it went away as interest waned and attention spans dissipated. We all moved on with our lives and put the issue at our backs. Unfortunately it seems that this sunken ship refuses to stay sunk.

Jong Kyu Kim at the Green Line Cafe

Jong Kyu Kim on artblog radio

This episode sponsored by The Art of the Covenant – at FLUXspace The new exhibitions coordinator of Fleisher Art Memorial goes by Dave, but as a performance artist he’s been calling himself Jong Kyu Kim. He talks to us about celebrities, identity and living up to his family’s expectations. Below is the 30-second sample clip. And below that is the full 11-minute interview. Right click to download 30-second clip

Jong Kyu Kim at the Green Line Cafe

Next week on artblog radio…

Performance artist and Fleisher Art Memorial‘s new exhibitions coordinator Jong Kyu Kim talks about celebrity, identity and what’s happening at Fleisher on next Monday’s podcast for artblog radio . Here’s a sample to make your mouth water: Jong Kyu Kim 30-second sample Listen Monday, Aug. 16, to hear the full interview.

Frankford Avenue is the place to be right now.

Extra Extra performances and critical mass on Frankford Ave.

While New York is watching Marina Abramovic performance retreads at MoMA, exciting new performances stole the First Friday shows along Frankford Ave. and environs. Suddenly I felt that I was not only on the hippest street in town, but on the hippest street anywhere! And if you want to know where art is going at this moment in time, this is the answer.

5 into 1 and Nexus Selects–juried senior shows

detail of I and I by Katie Elia, University of the Arts Only two juried shows of works by graduating seniors from the five big local art schools went up this year–5 into 1 and Nexus Selects. The year after, The Day After, the senior exhibit at Slought Foundation, is no more. And no sequel to Voxumenta or the Voxennial is on the horizon (KO’d perhaps by Vox’s moving blues). Both shows draw from graduates of local art schools, with the Philadelphia Sculptors-organized “Five Into One” focused on sculpture. Nexus Selects takes a more multi-disciplinary approach, with photography, video and ... More » »