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UCSD graduate student Virginia Maksymowicz installing her anonymous sculpture "Thirty Blocks" in 1976. Photo by Blaise Tobia.

News post – Maksymowicz sculpture gets some press, Barefoot Artist debuts, Rebecca Rutstein in LA, opportunities and more!

News We’re saddened to note that among the victims of the apparent building collapse at 22nd and Market streets in Philadelphia was eighteen-year-old first year PAFA student Anne Bryan. Anne started as a full-time student in the Certificate program in fall 2012 after participating in the High School Summer Academy in 2006, and enrolled in Continuing Education classes as well. We extend our deepest sympathy to her family and friends. A memorial service is planned for Anne at PAFA at a date yet to be determined. After many years in the making, on June 19 you can attend a special preview ... More » »

Caroline Furr,

News post – Doppelganger at the PMA, happy anniversary to MUSE Gallery, Furr + Rose at Young Masters, opportunities and more!

News Open Air, happily, was a resounding success. During this project’s September 20-October 14 span, brought to Philadelphia by the Association for Public Art and artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer nearly 6,000 iPhone recordings in over 20 different languages were made, and more than 17,000 visitors came to the Ben Franklin Parkway. The Open Air website is up permanently, allowing people to listen to the recordings and vote for their favorites. It’ll be tough to narrow down: aside from some heart-tugging marriage proposals, there is the 127-message “Voices of Philly” archive of famous local voices. To learn more about the project, visit The Creators Project, the press release here, and some wonderful high-res photos. ... More » »

Weekly Update – Joy Feasley casts a spell at Locks

This week’s Weekly has my review of Joy Feasley’s solo show at Locks Gallery. Below is the copy with some pictures. More photos at flickr. Joy Feasley. Molek, 2008. vinyl paint on medium density overboard. 24×30″ There are narrators, decorators, abstracters, experimenters and those who use all those strategies at once—like Joy Feasley. “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here” is Feasley’s first solo show at Locks Gallery, though she showed there with Clare Rojas in 2007. Feasley mostly makes narrative sweet-tart paintings, but some are pure pattern. Experimental pieces play with resin, flocking and glitter. The works focus on the beauty ... More » »

What we want to see Friday

You won’t see us out there because we have our own opening at Projects Gallery of the emerging artists show ID that we curated. We hope you’ll stop by. Meanwhile this is what we recommend for your First Friday trooping around: Image of desk from Solid Gold at Vox Populi Vox PopuliSolid Goldreception 6-11 pm The fourth annual juried emerging artist show has a few familiar names we’re happy to see: Lee Arnold, Daniel Payavis, Serena Perrone, William Lohre, Rachel Frank, Robert Goodman. There’s 24 artists in all so expect to do eyeball aerobics. This show is usually over the ... More » »

Kate Bright at Locks Gallery

Kate Bright Between the WoodsLocks GalleryMay 2-30, 2008 Grove60×84″2008 I have gotten into the nasty habit of popping in on really outstanding shows just a couple of days before they close. This is alright by me but particularly bad for you, dear reader, as you will no doubt be perusing this post as the minutes tick away from the time you have to see the paintings of Kate Bright at Locks Gallery. As it stands you have about a week which is more then I can say for those of you wishing to catch the delightful Jennifer Bartlett exhibition (read ... More » »

PAFA’s hits three homers outta heeeere

This Place is Ours!, by Jim Houser, acrylic on paper collaged on canvas, 40 x 40 inches This is the age of aquarius over at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts–harmony and understanding and three star-quality shows. At last the the place is living up to that name that came and then slunk off into the night; what was it, the Museum of American Art? The place not only has recovered from the folly of meaningless corporate branding at the same time that it has actually become that museum it dreamed it was. So if you go there this ... More » »

Weekly Update – Feasley and Rojas at Locks

Today’s Weekly has my review of Joy Feasley and Clare Rojas‘s show at Locks Gallery. Below’s the copy with some pictures. Additional pictures at flickr. And here’s Libby’s post on the show. Fear and Loathing in FairylandJoy Feasley and Clare Rojas paint pretty poison at Locks. Clare Rojas. Untitled 2006. latex and gouache on panel. 65×72″ 16″diameter star. On view at Locks Gallery. Crisp brushwork, iconographic imagery and a palette of unreal colors unite the works of Philadelphian Joy Feasley and former Philadelphian Clare Rojas. The two artists, paired in a great painting show at Locks Gallery, make works that ... More » »

The First Friday — we find some edges

Joy Feasley, Last Picnic, vinyl paint on board, 20 x 25.5″, the conceit of a boy and girl having picnic way up in a tree, looking out on all of nature hits a lot of emotional notes–humor, wonder, love. Roberta told you about the carousel-like spectacle that closed our First Friday (post here), an event that included the two of us plus Andrea, too, who is fast becoming our regular ff companion. The evening not only ended with a bang, it started out with a bang–Philadelphia artist Joy Feasley and former Philadelphia artist Clare Rojas in Locks Gallery!! Now that’s ... More » »